A Black Market PDA Phone that Kick Nokia, Samsung, and All Other Cellular Phone Manufacturers’ Asses

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Can you believe that a faked phone could outperform cellular phones of reputable brands such as Nokia and Samsung? For the first time in cellular phone history, we have to admit that this pirated cell phone is super cool. The pictures shown above is the newly released (for sure there wasn’t any press release or anything sexy official release party for this “black market phone”) Century Putra 1688 PDA phone that comes in Touchscreen screen with stylus.

The Century Sutra 1688 (Hey my friend, your name is too lame! I am sorry) comes loaded with features and specifications that your cell phones don’t have – a big 3.0-inch LCD Touchscreen, 1500 of GameBoy and GameBoy Color classic games that you have to spend 4 years to finish playing if you just play one game a day, external game controller that your gaming experience way better than 2 , 4, 6 8 keys on your cell phone pads, 1.3-MP digital camera, and MP3 player with bunch of nice features like EQ and so on.

Besides that, the Century Sutra 1688 PDA phone also comes loaded a super cool movie player that you can do 8x fast forwarding, jump by dragging, and full screen preview. OMG!

Hey Century Sutra, although you name really sucks, but the Century Sutra 1688 PDA phone really kicks the asses of all cell phone makers!

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4 Responses to “A Black Market PDA Phone that Kick Nokia, Samsung, and All Other Cellular Phone Manufacturers’ Asses”

  1. lawal Says:

    pls my brpother in london send me nokia 6288 pnone and is requesting for a restriction code with imei no.353226/01/582620/3. thanks lawal from Nigeria.

  2. sunil mahor Says:

    about to 1688 pda phone

  3. anto santoso Says:

    mau hanphone murah dari black market

  4. anto santoso Says:

    alamat jual hp


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