A New Way to Unlock Cell Phones – SIMable SIM card

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24/7 Mobile Solutions has come up with a new innovation that will allow users to unlock their mobile devices so that they are usable on networks outside their home network. This device, called SIMable, works with several phones from manufacturers such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, and BlackBerry. SIMable does not work with Verizon Wireless and Sprint, since they do not use SIM cards. SIMable is attached to the devices SIM card through an installation process that allows users to install both cards in to their phone as one SIM card. The new SIMable SIM card will now allow users to have an unlocked cell phone. 24/7 Mobile Solutions ensures that unlocking cell phones is not illegal, but it may void the warranty of many devices. In the case of SIMable, the handset software is not altered and therefore the manufacturer’s warranty is not voided if you use the SIMAble card to unlock your handset. Ultimately, you are unlocking the SIM card, not really the phone.

Sometimes, when cell phones are unlocked through other means, some of the functions are altered and all previous features are not retained post-unlock. With SIMable, this is not the same: your phone is exactly the same, what you are changing is the SIM card which has nothing to do with the warranty or the software and feature processes. When you replace the SIMable SIM card with a regular SIM card, the phone is exactly the same as it was pre-unlock. Users can also have their mobile devices unlocked through retailers, however this does cause permanent alteration to the mobile device.

Source: informationweek.com

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