A Creative Concept Phone : Pen Phone

Written by Kenson. Filed under Concept Phones

As cellular phone is getting tinier and tinier, do you think it is possible that we could have a pen phone just like TagHeuer watch phone? I truly believe that this is possible. Although the picture shown above is just a concept phone which is picked from gizmodo.com, pen phone fantasy isn’t out of reach anymore.

Description for the picture: the target-shaped areas on the top and bottom are earpiece and receiver.

5 Responses to “A Creative Concept Phone : Pen Phone”

  1. omar Says:

    i think this phone is really cool. i want it.

  2. 10 teléfonos del futuro (conceptos) | Celulares Says:

    [...] Concepto en un lapicero Ya antes habían puesto un relog en un lapicero ahora porque no un teléfono. link [...]

  3. Danielle Says:

    so I LOVE THIS. please make it. i’m 20..and a girl..haha…this is necessary. BUT it would be awesome if it could allow texting…like scroll across the screen or something and just add some small font letters under the #s.. THAT WOULD MAKE FOR ONE SICK PHONE.
    want. awesome. yes.

  4. Mike Says:

    Danielle… seriously, texting? on THIS? are you CRAZY?

    P.s. Awesome phone.

  5. Rajendra Singh Cheema Says:

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