BenQ to release first HSDPA ‘Super 3G’ Phone soon

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We all have been hearing about 3G technology for quite a while and this year, is definitely the year that we will see how powerful are the 3G technology and cellular phones that build based on 3G technology.

First of all, in this year, BenQ Mobile will soon be shipping “Super 3G” cellular phones. The new cellular phone will support the HSDPA data speed boosting extension to existing 3G technology.

BenQ also announces that the very first shipments are expected to start in the fourth quarter of this year. Now it appears that the BenQ EF91 cellular phone will hit European consumers’ hands via T-Mobile as soon as July.

Picture shown above is the EF91 cell phone that features a 240 x 320 262k color screen, 3D surround sound and a microSD slot. The specifications aren’t fully available yet, but it will also have a 3.2 megapixel camera and Bluetooth.

Besides BenQ, HTC also shows determination to be the leaders in 3G mobile industry. HTC plans to ship the Muse with HSDPA sometime in the third quarter also. It will initially be called the Qtek S300.

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