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Pantech Launched IM-A690S, a New Android-powered Smartphone

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Pantech  IM-A690S

Pantech together with SKY network today announced a new Android-powered smartphone, Pantech IM-A690S, in South Korea. The brand-new Pantech IM-A690S will be powered by the latest Google Android 2.2 Froyo operating system. It features 3.5-inch WVGA AMOLED touch screen (800 x 480 resolution), a 5-megapixel digital camera with autofocus and LED flash, 512 MB RAM, ...

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HTC Green Gratia Android Phone Lands in Europe

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HTC Green Gratia

Another Android-powered phone from HTC, Green Gratia, is launched in Europe. The new HTC Green Gratia is powered by the latest Android 2.2 Froyo OS and a relatively slower 600MHz processor. Its features and specs include a 3.2-inch touch screen (320 x 480 pixel), 512MB ROM, 384MB RAM, 5-megapixel digital camera, 2nd VGA camera on ...

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Samsung SHW-A170K wih NFC Technology Announced

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samsung SHW-A170K

Samsung and KT together today launched Samsung SHW-A170K that comes equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. The phone also uses NFC compatible USIM technology. What is so special about NFC phone, which is touted the next hottest thing in mobile, is it could work like a contactless card to make payments, buy movie tickets, ...

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AT&T Launch Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7

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Samsung Focus Windows Mobile 7

AT&T today announced the carrier's and also Samsung's first Windows Phone 7 phone. The Samsung Focus features a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, 1 GHz QSD8250 Snapdragon processor, 5-megapixel digital camera with CMOS flash, WiFi. Bluetooth, HSDPA, 256MB RAM, 512MB ROM, A-GPS, FM radio, and a 1500mAh battery. AT&T customers will be able to buy the ...

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AT&T Announced Three New Android Phones – Motorola BRAVO, FLIPOUT, and FLIPSIDE

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Motorola BRAVO, Motorola FLIPOUT, and Motorola FLIPSIDE

AT&T today went insane by releasing three Android-powered smartphones - Motorola BRAVO, Motorola FLIPOUT, and Motorola FLIPSIDE. AT&T wireless looks desperate to court Android phone lovers from Verizon Wireless. All these three phones are powered by Android 2.1 OS. There are no words whether these phones are upgradeable to Android 2.2 Froyo or ...

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Verizon Lands Rugged CASIO G’zOne Ravine

Written by Kenson. Filed under Casio, Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless today announced a brand new rugged phone from CASIO - G'zOne Ravine. Designed for people who love outdoor activities, the G'zOne Ravine is built to withhold harsh environmental conditions. The CASIO G'zOne Ravine also features advanced G'zGear software to fully embrace the active, adventure-driven lifestyle. With the help of its Triple Sensor technology ...

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HTC HD3 is Leaked

Written by Kenson. Filed under HTC, Windows Mobile

Previously, we reported that HTC executive had mentioned that they will launch several Windows 7 phones in October, and this HTC HD3 that is leaked in the Internet could be one of them. There is no details information about this HTC HD3 phone except the leaked photos. For now, let's enjoy the clear shots of ...

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Samsung Craft – World’s First 4G LTE Phone Launched by MetroPCS

Written by Kenson. Filed under Samsung
Samsung Craft

MetroPCS today launched the World's first 4G LTE phone - Samsung Craft. Thanks to the high-speed 4G network, this CDMA Samsung phone provides a faster HTML Web experience, full-track music downloads and video streaming. Not only providing the Samsung Craft phone to Metro PCS, Samsung also supplied LTE infrastructure for MetroPCS' Las Vegas LTE ...

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It’s Confirmed – Windows Phone 7 Will Be Launched in October

Written by Kenson. Filed under HTC, Windows Mobile

The news that HTC will launch first Windows Phone 7 in October is leaked out. How the news leaked out? In a recent interview with Gulfnews, Mohammad Kais Zribi, HTC's Regional Director for the Middle East/North Africa, stated, "We will be launching Windows Phone 7 handsets next month and we will be concentrating on Android ...

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Samsung Launched Galaxy S Femme Aveda Special Edition

Written by Kenson. Filed under Samsung

Samsung together with Aveda, a US based cosmetic company, launched a special edition of Galaxy S full touch screen phone named Samsung Galaxy S Femme Aveda Edition. Available in limited, the Samsung Galaxy S Femme Avega will comes with a pink color Galaxy S phnone, an Aveda traveling kit, a travel kit voucher and a ...

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US Cellular Lands Motorola GRASP

Written by Kenson. Filed under Motorola
Motorola GRASP

US Cellular announced its new messaging phone - Motorola GRASP. The GRASP is a candy-bar shaped phone with a full QWERTY keyboard. Packed with a 2.2-inch 220 x 176 display (non-touch), 1.3-megapixel camera, a microSD card slot, Bluetooth, aGPS, and a 3.5mm headset jack, the Motorola GRASP is sold for pretty reasonable price - $39.95 ...

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Verizon Wireless Is Ready to Launch BlackBerry Curve 3G

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BlackBerry Curve 3G

Verizon Wireless, the largest mobile carrier by subscribers in US, today announced that it will launch BlackBerry Curve 3G on September 16 for merely $30 with two-year contract agreement. The GSM-version of BlackBerry Curve 3G was first launched by T-Mobile one month ago, and what Verizon Wireless customers will get is a CDMA version of ...

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