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LG GD910 – A New James Bond’s Watch Phone Is Available Next Month

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LG GD910

Is it a watch or a phone? It is both! LG announced that it is going to ship the LG GD910, a super cool watch phone on July of 2009. The phone will be first available in Europe (Sorry Americans, you guys have to wait for a while before this phone comes to North America). ...


The Best Looking Cell Phone-Wrist Watch Combo Yet!

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April 10, 2008- We have talked about several new cell phones designs that have incorporated a cell phone into a watch, however, I believe that this is the more stylish yet. Most of the previous designs have been a little bit larger than the style of watches most business professionals that would be able to ...


A Wrist Watch Cell Phone?? What Will They Think of Next?!

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Cool G108

April 9, 2008- The Cool G108 is the newest innovation in extravagant watch phones. If you are looking for a very James Bond inspired phone, I believe you will have to look no further than this stylish watch flip phone. Simply flip up the face of your watch and you will instantly behold a phone ...


Information Leaked: Watchmaker Tag Heuer Meridiist Has Designed an Exciting New Mobile Device

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Tag Heuer Meridiist

April 8, 2008 - We have just received information about a hot new design from the world renowned watch maker Tag Heuer Meridiist. Are you interested? Well, you should be! Information has been leaked about the new innovation design and features that are sure to please the public. This new phone features something we are ...