Dell Is Going To Release Dell Cell Phone Pretty Soon

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The recent hires of Dell shows that Dell is preparing to enter the cellular phone market like what Apple did with her new iPhone that was unearthed in January 2007 MacWorld.

Over the past few days, Dell has recruited Ron Garriques, head of Motorola’s handsets group, to run a newly formed unit within Dell focusing on consumer products, as well as naming former Solectron CEO Michael Cannon to head its manufacturing operations.

However, Michael Dell, the CEO of PC maker Dell explained by saying “we are asking Ron to create a new global consumer organization that will set new standards for innovative product design, leadership in providing the best customer experience, and flexibility in how we build and distribute products and services to meet the evolving needs of our customers around the world.”

If you look at the latest cell phone like the Samsung SGH P9000, the Samsung phone that runs Windows XP (not Windows Mobile) and comes with a 30GB hard disk, 256 internal memory, 1GBz processor, 5″ WVGA display screen and a full QWERTY keyboard, it is hard to differentiate a PC(notebook) or a cellular phone.

I think what Dell does is right as Dell should start focusing on consumer electronic products like what Apple does right now.

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4 Responses to “Dell Is Going To Release Dell Cell Phone Pretty Soon”

  1. The Dell Dilemma « All Things CC: Says:

    [...] to introduce a Smart Phone! Doing a Google Search on “Dell Cell Phone” results in the first entry indicating that they have been mulling a cell phone since 2007! But as you search and read on you [...]

  2. Alyson Says:

    i cant wait

  3. Donna A. Smith Says:

    I am looking for a cell phone that uses the computer to gnerate it. No matter where I am I can have a wireless cell phone hocked up to my computer and I can receive calls and talk to people over the cell phone.
    Donna A. Smith

  4. Alma Says:

    Wow!!! its amazing how far cellphone generation have come to! :) I cannot wait for the new Windows Phones come out. I really love the way the Dell cell phone flips open and how easy it would be to use it! I love it. :)


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