EASY 5 – Cellular Phone for Old Folks

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EASY 5 - Cellular Phone for Old Folks

If your grandparents or maybe parents have bad memory in remembering directions because they are getting old, you might want to get them cellular phones so that in case of they get lost, they can contact you. Nevertheless, it might takes forever for them to remember how to operate any cellular phone that you and I are carrying right now. Thanks God, with the recently released new cellular phone which is designed for old people, to operate a cellular phone is as easy as EASY 5.

EASY 5 - Cellular Phone for Old Folks

EASY 5 is the latest cellular phone which is designed for old folks. It measures only 87x53x22 mm and weights 60 grams which is small and light enough for old folks to carry around. The EASY 5 cell phone has 5 customizable buttons for 5 important phone numbers that your grandparents can dial in case they need emergency helps.

EASY 5 - Cellular Phone for Old Folks

The EASY 5 cellular phone has a 680mAh lithium battery that can last for 2 to 5 hours of talking or 100 hours of standby. This old folks’ cellular phone is sold in Hong Kong right now for $165 US dollars.

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5 Responses to “EASY 5 – Cellular Phone for Old Folks”

  1. www.enchilame.com Says:

    Celular para los aubuelitos :)

    Como sabemos las personas al llegar a la tecercera edad empiezan a padecer algunos problemas:de la vista, el oido… y que a veces responder o marcar en el teléfono es un problema para los abuelitos. Con esto en mente en Hong Kong han diseñado ‘Easy…

  2. Easy 5, Cellphones, Hong Kong, Technology | Fun On Blog Says:

    [...] It has got the easy looks like it’s and 5 adaptable buttons for 5 sizeable phone ranges the your mother ought to seek in state of affairs of any help. It?s relatively easy to go the 60 gram Easy 5 cell phone. The battery standby long period of time of 100 hours is rather sufficient for the trouble-free phone. Well, the Easy 5 is by now accessible for our old friends in Hong Kong for $165 only. Read.. [...]

  3. Harold T. Says:

    Easy5 looks so cute but the old folks need more than the features it offers. I can say this because my mother owns a Just5 phone, a phone that is packed with valuable features that the elderly truly need. This phone is designed without complexities to spare the old folks from being stressed when manipulating it. This also boasts its simple yet competitive features.

    Essentially, Just5 phone is equipped with large and clear keypad so the elderly can freely send messages thru texts. This has a louder volume so they will not have a hard time understanding the person they will be talking with over their phone. Above all, this phone is also intended to serve as an emergency response device. With its emergency S.O.S. button, the elderly can immediately call for help when they are stuck in a bad situation by sending an automatic message to the pre-programmed numbers and calling them as well. This phone can serve as an alarm, too. Thru this, the user can catch the attention of people close to him.

    Furthermore, Just5 phone is only being offered for $119.9, and this price comes without a contract. Obviously, it is more practical to invest on Just5 phone that offers relevant features than to Easy5 that has very limited features. Oh! Let me add that Just5 phone has F.M. radio to entertain the user and a built-in flashlight that still works though the phone is off. Fantastic isn’t??!!


  4. Mary Says:

    If you REALLY want a cell phone that is easy for older people to operate, then make it look like a conventional (older) telephone receiver and put the numbers in a circular arrangement ( like an old rotary phone.) Then give it a dial tone and big numbers we can see. This ought to be easy enough to do. It can still be smallish like an ordinary cell phone.
    Being older doesn’t mean we “get lost” a lot, it just means we need the phone to make sense according to how we understand things to work. Changing a bunch of stuff makes it harder for us. The more it is like an older telephone the easier it is to use and learn to use.
    Take it from me, this is a valuable suggestion….

  5. Mary Says:

    Also, make the phone with enough holes in the speaker and receiver so you can actually HEAR what the heck someone is saying ! And an amplifier button to make it louder if we need it.

    STOP TRYING TO REINVENT THE WHEEL ! It has already been invented for you. Just make cell phones like older phones were –they worked find and we knew how to use them. The numbers could be arranged in a rotary fashion in between the ear piece and the part you speak into. make it look like an older phone receiver I mean, shape it that way too. If you do it right it can still fit in a pocket, Just flatten out the style of it a little.


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