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Success is always being emulated whether you like it or not as Pantech, now wants to emulate (maybe “copy” is a better word) the success of iPod MP3 Player. Apple iPod, one of the most successful and best-selling electronic gadget in the world, is well-known for its very special “Click Wheel” navigation control and its superior sounds quality that makes it unique in the MP3 player market. These two selling points are now “emulated” in the new Pantech PG3600V cellular phone.

Contrast to white color which is the classical color of iPod MP3 player, the Pantech PG3600V cellular phone is build in black color. As an MP3 Player, the Pantech PG3600V supports several music file formats, including MP3, ACC and ACC+ but not WMA.

Another key selling point of the Pantech PG3600V is the Bluetooth A2DP surround sounds output that allows you to listen to top quality music with wireless Bluetooth headset. So, now you can leave the Pantech PG3600V in your pocket, wear your wirelss heaset and listen to the music without the headset cord hangging your neck.

Besides having an outstanding MP3 Player, Pantech PG3600V cell phone also comes equipped with 1.3-megapixel digital camera that allow you to snap photos and view them in high quality TFT screen. When taking photos, the “Click Wheel” comes handy as you can rotate the wheel to “Zoom in” and “Zoom Out”.

Overall, the Pantech PG3600V cellular phone is excellent and cool except for its not so innovative design. Note to Steve Job: You probably should have patterned the “Click Wheel” design!

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