iPod Cell Phones are coming soon !

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Apple is not sitting quietly and enjoying the success of their arguably one of the most successful product ever released in this word – iPod Digital Music Player, they are planning to jump into the cellular phone market to expand their market share.

Reported from Japanese news agency Nikkei, Apple Computer is getting ready to enter the cell phone market with a handset built with iPod music player functionality, reported

The highlight of the new cell phone will feature the ability to directly download songs from Apple’s iTunes Music Store. Initially required to connect to personal computers, early next year, the iTunes Music Store will unveil a new service that allows users to download songs directly to cell phones.

The new iPod phone is planned to be released in Japan sometime this year at the earliest.

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  1. Mobile Developer Says:

    Japanese Web and telecom conglomerate Softbank Corp. is working with Apple to develop mobile telephones with built-in iPod music players.
    They plan to spread a new ipod-phones via Vodafone Japan.
    So, when we’ll see this phones on Eropean market is a big question.

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  8. Rumour: iPod Cellular Phone Leaked in France Says:

    [...] A local newspaper in France, “20 Mintues”, has posted a leaked photo of so called iPod cellular phone. We actually have been hearing about iPod cellular phone quite a few times in the past but this is the first time that we see the picture of remained-to-be-confirmed iPod cellular phone. The “20 Minutes” newspaper claimed that this photo is leaked from Apple Corporation, but Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO hasn’t comment on this leaked photo. [...]


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