“Le Million De La Nuit” – Million Dollar Cellular Phone

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You have seen USD 75,000 dollars Motorola SLVR L7 cell phone and Nokia Vertu cellular phones that worth thousands of dollars. How about $1 Million dollar cellular phone? Yes, you read right. Picture show above is the one and only Million dollar “Le Million De La Nuit” cellular phone that made by GoldVish.

GoldVish also make the ‘Illusion’, which comes in 15 different incarnations, encrusted with diamonds or not depending on your preference, but always made with at least 140 grams of solid gold.

We are wondering which carrier is going to offer this million dollar cellular phone. So, you want to buy one for you girlfriend? Maybe you can build a Pixel Advertising site like MillionDollarHomepage.com to collect money for this Million Dollar Cell Phone.

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5 Responses to ““Le Million De La Nuit” – Million Dollar Cellular Phone”

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    [...] There are no clear information whether the cell phones above are framed with real diamonds. But, if you are looking for a diamond cellular phone and have a 1 million dollar to spend, you can check out “Le Million De La Nuit”, a million dollar phone produced by Goldvish. [...]

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    [...] “Le Million De La Nuit” – Million Dollar Cellular Phone – Price Tag: 1 Million Dollars [...]

  3. jerry Says:

    hey this is a very expensive phone……but the features, where are the features of the phone? someone enlighten me.

  4. J. Walton Says:

    This is a very exquisite phone like my MBL sound system, the best sound system I ever heard.
    Live the exquisites!

  5. YvesZenn Says:

    yeah u heard 8 right! dis cost high coz this is called rich-only phone. I dont mind the price anywayz i can buy an extra iphone.


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