Leaked Nokia N99 Cellular Phone Design Pictures

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Leaked Nokia N99 Cellular Phone Design Pictures

Nokia N99 cellular phone design pictures were leaked out in the Internet. According to the leaked pictures, the Nokia N99 has slider keypads that you can slide in and out. Hardware specifications and features wise, the Nokia N99 is said to come with gigantic 3.2 1.6million colors 16:9 wide screen, 3D acceleratorchips. GPS system with full features, MP3/AAC/WMA music player, DIVX XVID MPEG AVI movie player, 7.2-MP digital camera, and 16MB of internal memory!

Leaked Nokia N99 Cellular Phone Design Pictures

I think the hardware specifications mentioned in the source is just a joke, however, the Nokia N99 is definitely going to be Nokias secret weapon to counter Apples attack

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10 Responses to “Leaked Nokia N99 Cellular Phone Design Pictures”

  1. Larry Says:

    um, i kinda doubt the internal memory specs – the n95 has around 160 mb of internal memory – an n99 would probably have the same, or more. the only remarkable thing about the above is the 7.2 mpx camera.

  2. Psyknarph Says:

    I should be called Nokia N100 (%100 = the perfect phone)

  3. Psyknarph Says:

    o yeah that’s right N99… it would be a N100 if it has an attachable mouse but hey…

  4. Herem Says:

    I really love u nokia, kurdistan.

  5. DN Says:

    what attack from apple>”?????
    the iphone targets a certain market and the majority of ppl arent tech’s smart are relly goin buy it but for ppl dat are inclined will see lotss of flaws

  6. samuya ramil Says:

    ….the coming n99 will be the greatest cellular phones ever,,,,,,,,,more power to youuuuuuuu,,,,,,kep up the good work…

  7. samuya ramil Says:

    great job….

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  9. Andrew Says:

    Perfect Innovation of the Century. Now the QWERTY keyboard really is a keyboard.

  10. Priyanka Says:

    i think its internal memory is not good . There is no adove flash player also please try to update it


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