Motorola Micro-T Cellullar Phone – Brick Phone is Back !

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Motorola Micro-T cellular phone

When all the latest cellular phones become slimmer and smaller, like the world’s slimmest cellular phone, Samsung X828 which measures only 6.9mm, Motorola is trying to “stand out of crowd” by reintroducing the old Brick size cellular phone and named it Micro-T.

There is no clear information about the size and weight of this “gigantic” cellular phone but thanks god, this “latest” Motorola cellular phone still comes equipped with color LCD screen, polyphonic ringtones, SMS with T9 capability and most amazingly with blue LED background color.

The Micro-T cellular phone isn’t like the old retro brick cellular phone that your grandparents used last time, but its features and specifications nowhere impress us as it doesn’t have any integrated digital camera and MP3 player. The sales of this Motorola Micro-T cellular phone don’t look bright.

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7 Responses to “Motorola Micro-T Cellullar Phone – Brick Phone is Back !”

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  3. Dawn Says:

    I totally disagree that this phone is ugly. The public and the media have made cell phones just another fashion statement. The small sizes are difficult for the majority to use and most of the items are a waste. I have been hoping and praying for the old brick phone to come back but with more style and pizazz. Besides my phone does not define who I am. The real movers and shakers are the people that can look and be who they are genuinely and no one cares what their cell phone looks like. It might take a while for the public to catch on to the new Micro-T phone, but it will come back with a vengaence. I can guarantee it. Hang in there Motorola. I like the phone and my husband and I will definitely switch out our small phones.

  4. Sean Says:

    I thought this was some obscure company, rather than Motorola which is marketing this phone?

  5. robert battles Says:

    Where can I buy a MICRO-T M 689 Retro cell phone like the one on this page??

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  7. michelle preston Says:

    I still have mine from many years ago even older than the photo with extra long ariel ( which is damaged) still powers up ok, its not a motorla make but was cheaper at the time for me, cant remember the model now i must dig it out, i used to collect phones but this one was actually mine own. I also have the very old one the size of a breeze block!


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