Nokia’s Purple Color Nokia E72 Is Spotted

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Nokia E72

When Nokia E72 was released, its color and design was so dull that cause ladies to stay away from this “men’s phone”. Today, we spotted a purple color of Nokia E72 that is so beautiful that we bet ladies will love to carry this PDA phone with a full QWERTY keyboard. The purple E72 features some nice security protection, such as password protection for the phone and also the microSD card, and remote locking if phone is stolen. It supports VPN, WLAN, and GPS networks.

Nokia E72

Nokia E72

Nokia E72

3 Responses to “Nokia’s Purple Color Nokia E72 Is Spotted”

  1. Asish Kr Bhunia Says:

    I want this nice phone quickly

  2. aisha Says:

    nice phone i want this phone.How i can get it?

  3. Fungiwe Nkatu Says:

    I want this phone Nokia E72 how can I get it


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