NTT Docomo Released 18 New Advanced and Cool-looking Phones!

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Don’t ever try to show off your mobile phone in front of Japanese! You will be embarrassed, as Japanese are going to pick any of these new 18 high-tech phones unearthed by NTT Docomo, that make you phone look like a toy. Let’s look at the new 18 phones one-by-one, and decide whether we are living in a developed country or a developing country.


Beautiful, softly contoured body with waterproofing for safe operation up to 1.5 meters underwater.


Refined, esthetically clean slider phone with pressure-sensitive touchscreen that responds to fingernails.


Elegantly slim body with colorfully illuminated keypad and powerful 8.1-megapixel camera.


Swing/slider phone with stylishly ergonomic body and 8.1- megapixel camera for beautiful photos.


Wide landscape screen and waterproof body for enjoyment of mobile TV in kitchen or bath.


Chic three-tone body with waterproof versatility and high-grade CCD 8-megapixel camera.

docomo PRIME series


High-spec slider phone with large 3.4-inch two-way (portrait/ landscape) touchscreen.


Touchscreen phone with dedicated Google™ key to quickly access/share videos and pictures.


Wi-Fi-equipped phone with two-way (portrait/landscape) touchscreen and 8.1-megapixel camera.


Rugged phone featuring sporty design, applications and content geared to athletic users.


VIERA phone with large 2-inch sub-display and multi-mode 8.1-megapixel camera.


High-quality camera phone with CCD 10-megapixel resolution and advanced photo-processing engine.

docomo SMART series


Slim, stylishly urbane phone with 8.1-megapixel camera and enhanced functions for work and after-hours.


Versatile, 12.5-mm phone with proprietary technology for extra-clear, natural voice output.

Evangelion Phone


Special “NERV” phone that appears in upcoming anime film Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance.

23 Responses to “NTT Docomo Released 18 New Advanced and Cool-looking Phones!”

  1. Danger Says:

    “Advanced and cool-looking phones?” My ass.

  2. noone Says:

    to the commentor before me,

    uhh, jealous much?
    the way i see it, it’s like a loser’s excuse just because you don’t have one of these phones :p

  3. Miki Says:

    Any idea how much these phones would cost?

  4. meme Says:

    i want one of these so much how much are they

  5. sosoom Says:

    They’re sooooo coool and awesome. i wish i could have one of em

  6. Shigure Says:

    I wish i got one of those phone..

  7. fei Says:

    Awesome phones. They’re really fantastic. Are they convenient to use anywhere in the world?

  8. lilgiant Says:

    is this phone will work in the philippines??

  9. 1 malaysia Says:

    WoooooooOWWW!!! Japanese cell phones are soooooooo fantastic!!!!i wish that Japanese phone makers can globalise their market!!!!!!!!muak!!!!

  10. iwantthemnow Says:

    You guys really want to know how much it cost?
    some of them (most of them) cost over $400 USD.

  11. hikari Says:


  12. corey Says:

    japan is known for technologies. I have seen that what ever the make is come thing good, unique and cheap.

  13. Uk Says:

    I wonder if these phones work in the U.S. I don’t care how much they each cost because the are really cool.

  14. steve Says:

    not impressed, at all.

  15. Ray Says:

    Not really impressed, i mean the cameras are cool cause there all 8.1 megapixels which is more than the Memoir but i was expecting more keyboard than the the original flip phone keypad

  16. Simon Says:

    Japanese phones are unique because they have a different kind of design. Truthfully that is enough of a reason to have just a cheap japanese phone than an expensive blackberry or iPhone, because some people really hate flashiness in modern electronics.. Windows 7 is so terribly ugly …

  17. Mio Says:

    I ws expecting… a LITTLE cooler phones from people as high-tech as the Japanese, but me being Mio (my stupid self) I love getting distracted by the colors.

  18. Adam Khosravi Says:

    Yeah they have some cool toys like camera and it nice that they could have a high end phones that are ruggedized, but I’m not seeing any smart phone based operating systems like Android or windows 7. But then again I am not familiar with the UI that Docomo use so I am not sure if it is really better then high end Android devices that we have here in the U.S. Does any one know if you can download applications to the devices?

  19. cherry Says:

    is it only sold in japan???

  20. Techie Says:

    Does the N-09A work with Verizon??

  21. Maria Says:

    Do they work in Canada? How much is the cheapest for a phone like this? What’s the average price (Canadian Dollars) for a phone like this? Where can I order them?? (I need to know, because my very first phone HAS to be one of these… I will not lower my standards!!)

  22. Kaya Says:

    they cost between 200-400 dollars
    can be bought on ebay (T_T i dont have paypal)

    and frankly i think the old fashioned flip / clap design is good,protects your screen better in case you drop it .
    as far as ive red on ebay,the phones work everywhere,but also something as hypersim was mentioned (idk about that)
    also more effort is put into the design,compared to the either white or black smooth boring smartphones here in europe/us

  23. mabie Says:

    these phones are cool!!wish to have one of them! :) )


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