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The Pantech Duo is an unique and innovative cell phone that features dual keyboards – a regular cell phone keypad and a full QWERTY keyboard. Running on Microsoft Windows 6.0 Standard operating system, the Pantech Duo comes preloaded with excellent Microsoft Office application such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, allowing you to work anywhere and anytime.

Besides that, if you need to relax a little bit, you also can listen to your favorite music and watch movies using the preloaded Microsoft Windows Media player in the Pantech Duo phone. Need more fun? You also can snap pictures of you friends and family with its built-in 1.3-Megapixel digital camera with Flash and 4X zoom.

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Pantech Duo Videos

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Pantech Duo Features and Specifications

Hardware Specifications

NetworkGSM Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA 1.8 Mbit/s
Weight3.9 oz / 110.6 g
Size / Dimension 4.01″ (Length) x 1.97″ (Width) x 0.78″ (Height)

10.19 cm (Length) x 5 cm (Width) x 1.98 cm
Operating SystemWindows Mobile 6.0 Standard
Processor ARM 920t PXA27x
Internal LCD Screen2.2-inch 262K colors TFT LCD screen (240 x 320 pixels)
External LCD ScreenNo
Battery Type Lithium Ion 1320 mAh
Battery Life Talk: 4.16 hours
Standby: 250 hours   (10.5 days)
Internal Memory Space50 MB
Expandable Memory SlotYes. MicroSD. Supports Up to 2GB
QWERTY Keyboard


Voice Activated DialingYes
GPS System / GPS NavigationNo

Email, Messanging and Office Functionalities

EmailYes. Supports POP3 / IMAP4 / SMTP. Supports Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes
Internet Browsing / WAPYes. WAP 2.0 (xHTML). Internet Explorer Mobile
Office ApplicationWord, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook

Digital Camera

Mega Pixel1.3
Maximum Resolution1280 x 1024 pixels
Zoom4X Digital Zoom

Music and Audio

MP3 PlayerYes. Supports MP3, AAC, AAC+, and WMA Music Files
FM RadioNo
Streaming VideoAT&T CV / Windows Media Player 10 Mobile

Video and Camcorder

Video PlayerYes. Supports MPEG4, H.263, and WMV Video Clip Files
Video RecorderYes


Bluetooth Stereo Headset (A2DP)Yes
Wi-Fi (WLAN)No
USBYes. miniUSB
Computer SyncYes. ActiveSync
HeadPhone Jack (2.5mm)Yes

Please let us know if the information above is wrong. We're humans too, sometimes we make mistakes.

User Reviews

  1. Paul Says:

    I have had this phone for 2 weeks. Great device, very functional. Business and pleasure I find the features right on! The 1st one I got froze up so I exchanged it. The new one is more stable but I will exchange it again when more are in stock at the ATT store. Otherwise GREAT. I had a Nokie E50, the Duo is better for texting. Otherwise the phones have equal functionality. The E50 is thinner and lighter, but w/o the ease of features.

  2. i love the pantech duo :] Says:

    it’s so awesome. i’m asking “santa” for one!!

  3. ghanas finest Says:

    i am loving this phone its compatible and you can do a lot with it. anyone who wants a new phone should get this

  4. nice phone Says:

    this phone is so cool i so getting this for christmas

    it can access and has everything just like an iphone

  5. Barry Says:

    I just got this phone for christmas yesterday;;

    -simple amazing

  6. Courteth Says:

    Love the phone so far, a little upset with the battery like and with my nails the top part of the keyboard is kinda hard to get at. Also, it doesnt have a ring and vibrate option and when someone IM’s you on Yahoo or AIM it doesnt alert you if the phone is set to vibrate. I love it, but I’m not sure if i’ll keep it. It’ll just take some getting used to. Big difference from a razr II. The speaker is a little crappy when im in a call, kinda hard to hear.

  7. 33 MAN Says:

    I just got this phone but i dont know how to convert songs to be my mp3 but besides that the phone is sick and i have it. If u dont sux 4 u.

  8. girl Says:

    i love this phone! its amazing :]

  9. Wondering Says:

    The phone alright so far but i can’t figure out how to add ringtones to the phone. It says that i can download songs from my pc to the phone but then i can’t figure out how to assign them as ringtones. If anyone can help… i’ll appreciate it.

  10. floaty Says:

    yah me neither if anyone knows how to do this please let us no this is pissing me off

  11. ravingprincess01 Says:

    Here is a link to the site where people post tips on how to download mp3s and how to make it work for you for your pantech duo. It’s a windows mobile website. cheers!

  12. PANTECH IS HOT Says:


  13. fancykellaholic Says:

    i love this phone!

    it took me a while to figure out how to assign a ringtone i put on the phone from my pc as a ringtone though. i even called at&t and they couldn’t help me. after playing with it for a while i figured it out.

    for those of you who don’t know how to do it:

    go to where you have saved the ringtone on your phone. click on it and hit menu. then click on copy. from there hit menu again and go to “my documents.” you then have to paste the ringtone into your ringtone folder under your documents by clicking on the ringtones folder and then hitting menu–paste. once the ringtone is in the folder highlight it and click menu once again and then hit beam and wait for the screen to fade. then go to settings, sound, and your ringtone will be there. all you have to do is select it and hit done.

    it’s confusing at first, but you get the hang of it after a while.

  14. Chaylee Says:

    I have this phone
    But it scratches very easily
    I still love it though
    I just have to buy a protective case
    Its a smartphone so its hard to use
    Unless your used to it..

  15. PHAmason Says:

    I ordered my Pantech DUO at should receive it in the mail soon. So, as far as ringtones go, I can just use songs on my PC/laptop and assign them right?

  16. Todd Says:

    This is for everyone out there asking about ringtones. Here’s a tip. It comes with the phone. Called a user manual….it’s in PDF format. You can get it from Pantech or AT&T’s website. Just read people. Thats all it takes….READ THE MANUAL….It tells you how to do everything.

    As for my review, phone is cool. Lots of programs, but the call quality isnt very good.

  17. stephhelton Says:

    I did everything you said and i hit the beam button and nothing happened so what could that be? Is there anything else or does it take a while? I am so confused with this phone and the ringtones, it is geting annoying.

  18. Bill Says:

    I love the pantech duo phone but when i go to a website to download free ringtones it want let me download them.What should i do?

  19. Kiona Says:

    I love is This Phone I got it for christmas and I was so excited it was weird becuase i wanted a helio. but i got a phone just like a helio and that it was from my phone company. The phone is really weird to understand am getting really used to it its difficult put u need to read the instructions. I love this phone it makes my friends so jeleaus itsd funny. am taking good care off this phone because u cant a $400.00 phone go to waste

  20. jess Says:

    I still am planning to get one but some of the comments are changing my mind in buying one!!! Is the Pantech Duo that bad??? My friends have it and they seem fine and not that upset. I don’t see why anyone would have any problems with it – looks like a cool phone!!! :) :):)

  21. TJ Says:

    This phone is great, you’ll get used to the features after a couple of days. But, i dont think it has flash =/ That would’ve made the phone more interesting.

  22. Dustin Says:

    How can i put the music i put on the phone and have them has a ring tone? any one know and would like to help me? thank you.

  23. Nathan Says:

    I had the phone since christmas i like it but on the video above it says you cant access the camera on the menu only on the side button he is wrong you can access the camera on menu applications and select camera.

  24. derrick Says:

    anyone,how do you close programs on this phone to access the camera. how do you know you have to me programs running to clear the RAM space.

  25. DSD Says:

    This is a great phone,but hard to figure out at times and you cannot get any help from the ATT store.

  26. jd Says:

    I am now experiencing the Pantech blues
    It looks like I’m in for a long one trying to figure out this one.
    My pc says it doesn’t recognize my device

  27. pantech duo owner Says:

    love the phone, can’t figure out how to change the black light timer.

  28. AJ Says:

    I have received MP3 ringtones from a friend’s phone; however not all of them are able to be used as ring tones, does anyone know why or how to make these mp3s into ringtones? I saw above about highlighting, copying and beaming; however that did not work…any ideas?

  29. RINGTONE!!!! Says:

    take an MP3 of your own and find a site that makes ringtones. Cut the song down to whatever part/size you want. Save it to computer and name it like RINGTONE3 Then Send the file to the C810 folder. Then it shows up in the choice of ringtones. Seriously, not that hard lol.

    Now heres my prob, anyone download the IFONZ program? Does it work for this phone? it wont work for me, Email me if you got it to work.

  30. jojog Says:

    anyone know how to configure picture mail settings to work with another company ? the phone is great but have had to replace it twice to due freezing.

  31. Roxy Says:

    Hey i got this phone 4 my b-day and its awesome, the battery dies pretty quick but i think its my fault 4 using it so much. Um, for the guy earlier, yes you can make it ring and vibrate at the same time when you edit a profile. To convert the songs to MP3 its easier with a audio converter and a memory card, not straight to the phone. Well any more questions write me @ i got it all figured out i work with this phone at Radioshack so there u go. Gotta use all the features this phone comes with if not, its a waste of money and waste of a product. If you dont need all this dont buy it, wouldnt make sense.

  32. Buthainia Nesheiwat Says:

    How do i get ringtones from my computer on to my pantech core cuo

  33. Troy Says:

    Go to or to download free ringtones to your computer, then open the program that came with the device, and add it. Its really simple… This phone is on the border of ok and crap. It’s not very stable when you open it, it seems cheaply made, no GPS, texting is kind of easy, nice battery life, great display, pretty fast for a smartphone, i don’t think you can create word, excel, or pp files, you can only read them. I would seriously consider buying a Tilt instead, my father has one and it is SO much better than my phone, just a bit bigger.

  34. Chuck Says:

    this phone isn’t that great some of the rin gtones work but most doesn’t. the phone itself is pretty cool but the windows mobile stinks. getting signal isn’t that great either. I’m going back to the razor I never had a bit of problems and did exactly what i need it to do

  35. semaja_was_here Says:

    I don’t have this phone YET but I’m getting it soon, and I am already in love with it.
    I can not wait until I get mine.
    I am super jealous of anyone this phone.

  36. screen trouble Says:

    has anyone had any trouble with the internal screen damage?

  37. kristine Says:

    i cant figure out how to put ringtones on my phone. its really frustrating. i cant buy any cuz i cant get on the internet on my phone so isnt there a way to just take it off of itunes or something and add it to my phone when i plug it in? if anyone can help email me

  38. Tori Says:

    Im getting this phone really soon.
    it sounds pretty okay, i think i was expecting better reviews though.
    i talk on the phone and text A LOT. bad idea to get this phone?!

  39. Kman Says:

    this phone is the best, i can text all of my friends faster and easier

  40. Alyssa Says:

    Alright, just got this phone.. But I can’t connect it to my PC, it says that it can’t find the device..?
    I like it so far, although there is no flash on it. [Probably should change that.]
    If anyone can help me,


  41. save your money Says:

    DONT BUY THIS PHONE!!! it’s great the first couple of months but soon you start getting problems with the 3G network. you will sporadically be able to make and receive calls and texts. AT&T will give you a runaround and claim they dont know about the problem, then they’ll replace the phone and soon again the same problem will crop up. Trust me, you’ll be saving yourself alot of headache. Check out the forums on the AT&T website about this phone and see if you still want to buy it.

  42. Lauryn Says:

    I have had this phone since January 2008… I sent it in on the warranty not even 2 months after I got it. I HATE this phone. It freezes, the screen blacks out, it just all around sucks. When I went into the store to talk to the AT&T lady, there was another girl in there with the same phone having the exact same problems. I definitely agree with the person above me. Don’t buy it. I got the phone because it was different and not a lot of people had it at the time, now I wish I had just gotten the RAZR I was looking at. I think anything would be better than this phone to tell you the truth. I’m not recommending this phone to anyone, make a better choice, go with something else.

  43. Brandon M. Says:

    Yea, this phone is cool. LOVE it. They keypads are amazing and capabilities of the software are just as great. I love it at first, it was the best effin phone ever! a month later, issues. 2 months later, severe issues. The phone currently has lost the cap for both the memory card slot and charger. It can not be moved when charging or it keeps beeping signaling its being plugged in and unplugged. Very Annoying. Also, the steel clip inside the phone that holds the charging cable in almost always comes out with the charger. Ive tried bending it to fit better but it always pulls out. Both springs are broken and its really chincy. The tracks are loose when slid up to the numeric keypad, and the QWERTY has a slight fracture in the outside edging of that layer of the phone. I tried to baby it, dropped it twice, never leave it in my pocket. Its a piece of garbage phone. DO NOT GET ONE.

  44. ally Says:

    i got this phone for my birthday! even though i wasnt supposed to get 1 in 5 grade it is the awsomesed phone on earth

  45. Mark14 Says:

    I felt they were making fun of, if anything, "wannabe white boys" you know? ,

  46. Numan Says:

    this phone is great wooooooooowwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. mrsh Says:

    How do I replace a cracked screen on this phone? Someone kicked my daughter’s bookbag at school and it cracked the screen. I want to just order the screen and fix it myself. Can I do this?

  48. Belle5888 Says:

    I jus got this phone and I’m having trouble transferring music, photos n videos. I installed the software it came with, but my pc does not detect the device, Help!!!!!!!!! anyone

  49. Stifler Says:

    The phone is awesome but I’m having trouble using my songs as ringtone…. that kinda sucks! can i get some advice..??

  50. Haryyy737364 Says:


  51. Haryyy737364 Says:


  52. Steven Says:

    Ok I figured out how to move my music to a ringtone. start in file explorer and go to my music click menu and copy that song you want then go back to my sounds and paste your song in there. then back out all the way go back into settings click sounds (2) and it should be in there. ;)

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