Pantech Sky IM-110 Cellular Phone – Latest Slim Beauty Phone

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As soon as Motorola has built up the wave of “slim” cell phone with Motorola RAZR V3i, nowadays nobody wants to carry a bulky cellular phone around. That’s why, Pantech is also trying to cutting the “waist lines” of her cellular phones and one of the latest slim beauties is the Pantech Sky IM-110 cellular phone that comes in pink and white.

According to Pantech, the Sky IM-110 comes equipped with powerful 3.2-MP digital camera, integrated MP3 player and FM tuner. Nevertheless, there are not clear information about the connectivity features and other phone specifications. I particularly like the way the model is posting and holding the Pantech Sky IM-110 phones on her palm and finger.

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One Response to “Pantech Sky IM-110 Cellular Phone – Latest Slim Beauty Phone”

  1. emily kim Says:

    uhhh where do they sell those in la?


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