Review NEC AG cellular phone

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NEC AG cellular phone

NEC, who has been quiet in cellular phone market for a while, releases the all new NEC AG cellular phone that is optimized for music playing. Designed in silver and black color, the NEC AG flip phone looks appeal to businessmen and businesswomen . Aside stylish looking, the specifications and features of the NEC AG cellular phone are rather disappointing than exciting.

The newly launched NEC AG cellular phone measures 13.6mm width and comes equipped with only 1.3-MP digital camera which are incomparable to the latest Samsung flip phones and LG chocolate phones. Luckily, the NEC AG has different photo-snapping settings such as multi-shots, night-view shots, brightness and contrast that make photo snapping a more pleasant thing to do although the built-in digital camera is just 1.3-megapixel.

NEC AG cellular phone

Besides digital camera, the NEC AG flip phone also comes with integrated music player that supports MP3, AAC music files and also plays MPEG4 video clips. Other features of the NEC AG includes USB connection, Bluetooth port, direct-print capability, common office-functionalities such as calculator, alarm clock, planner, dairy, voice memo and currency exchange calculator.

NEC AG cellular phone

The all new NEC AG cellular phone is definitely not the most high-end cellular phone that you can find in the market. If you are looking for technology-advanced cellular phones, go check out our reviews of LG chocolate phones or Samsung flip phones.

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14 Responses to “Review NEC AG cellular phone”

  1. Ingrid Says:

    Im searching for a phone that can work with 2 simcards. Would you be able to help me?


  2. Ernst Crouwcamp Says:

    Where can I download a manual for a Black Diamond PL33 phone. I would like to use the phone as a modem to go on the internet. Thanks in advance

  3. Sikelela Nkosi Says:

    I am looking for a phone that can work with 3 simcards.

  4. Sylvia Says:

    I have applied for the phone with you guys , but i am not sure about the phone , how it look they just explain to me the futures of this phone . my id 7706210636085 . you can please send me the pictures so that i can have a look , if possible .

  5. Sylvia Says:


  6. Sylvia Says:

    please mail me your phones

  7. ntombizanele Says:

    I applied for a phone with you guys and i recieved a phone which i dont know and i dont like it and its features . i thought i will recieved a blackbarry or nokia phone but this AG its not good for me. i rather retun this phone to you guys because i am going to stop this debit from my bank up until you change this phone .I spoken to a lady and i told her that I need abeautifull phone ,this phone doesn`t have a camera common guys change this phone I wont be able to pay R299 per month for this phone having a radio only please

  8. Kenson Says:

    Please contact the 1800 number customer services, if you order phone via

  9. sello Says:

    please sent me photos of phone that may uses 4 sim cards.

  10. amohelang Says:

    whr doesthis ag40za come from why is it still being manufactured i dont like n a network made me gt a contract wit this phone i dont like it at all

  11. Tebogo Mphogo Says:

    Will you please send me a photo of phone as communicated over the phone before you deliver it.

    079 1614 969

  12. Nompumelelo Says:

    Hi guys i wanna cancel my contract phone its too much to pay 229 with phone that i don’t like. This phone doesn’t have mixit and 2go even whatsapp ha.a guys its enough now pls contact me on this following numbers 076 1632 087 my ID NO is 820920 0327 087

  13. xhantilomzi Says:

    i dnt like your phone can u pliz come collect your phone i want to cancell it my number is 0843986838

  14. jacobus barnard Says:

    i need you guys to cancel my contract before deliviring
    the phones. eish i didnt expect it to be a flip phone firstly
    and secondly, after reading all the comments thanks
    i would not be interested. Please take this matter as urgent.


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