Samsung Introduces 3 New Dual SIM Card Mobile Devices

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Dual SIM phone from Samsung

April 9, 2008 – The newest design from Samsung features a hot new technology that is the biggest thing in mobile devices right now: dual SIM cards. For all those customers out there who have to keep up with two phones: one for work, one for personal use, those days are over. How much easier would it be to only have to keep up with one cell phone rather than two and to only have to grab one phone when it rings instead of trying to figure out which one is receiving a call while at the same time trying not to miss an important call while doing so?

The Samsung D880 DuoS is the newest dual SIM card handset form Samsung and is accompanied by the Samsung P240 DuoS, the less expensive model, meeting in the middle with the Samsung D780 DuoS. The D780 features a 2 megapixel camera, a 2.1 inch QVGA display for viewing menus and media, tri-band radio as well as FM radio, and a microSD memory card slot to expand your internal memory to your heart’s content.

One interesting feature of these new models is that the D780 and the P240 look just alike and support the same features, just at different prices. We are very excited to see all these models and to be able to access a dual SIM card device from Samsung. Let us know what you think of them!


8 Responses to “Samsung Introduces 3 New Dual SIM Card Mobile Devices”

  1. Richardson S. Adesuyi Says:

    I bought a Samsung D880 Mobile phone in May 2008 with all the accompaning accessories and it served me for 19 Months after which it developed a serious problem. The display did not show anything again, no illumination of any sort. Infact the phone stop working.
    When I bought the phone, I introduced it to about ten of my colleagues in my University. Apparently all the phones developed similar problems.
    Please, what can we do to salvage the phones?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Richardson Sunday Adesuyi
    Dept of Electrical & Information Engineering
    Covenant University
    SW Nigeria.
    Tel : +2348033670367

  2. Warren Says:

    Exact same problem!!! but in less time!!! 15 months!, then tried using after 4 months and it came alive…then 3 months later the same again.

  3. nitin Says:

    ya that problem happens with manny slide phone actually the phones are designes in a way that its strip inside which connects screen and keypad gets damage or stop working after few months or due to frequent slidding …then all we need is to change its strip which would cost around 400 to 800 if its original one…

  4. Nikul Patel Says:

    i am nikul Patel from gujarat and I want to more informtion and model number for 3 sim card mobile.

    Nikul Patel.

  5. anil patel Says:

    need more information on 3 sim card and quad band mobile phone. thanks

  6. Moleka Says:

    I live in South Africa. I bought samsung D880 in February 2009 and around January 2010 and also encouraged some of my friends to go for this new toy, hardly less than a year the display gone off and the speaker shut down. I decided to use a hands free which was also went off within less than a week. I took it to a repair where the changed a flexibelt which only worked less than a month. I took it back and they told me the flexis doesn’t have guarantee. where can we get original flexis. Please he…………lp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Feroz Ghauri Says:


  8. Alex Says:

    Exelente pues los chinos tiene de todas maneras muchas falencias, duracion muy coerta de bateria, el audio es regular en fin EN HORA BUENA


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