Sweet, Creamy Ice Cream Phone From LG

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Ice Cream Phone from LG

April 1, 2008 – Get ready for the first phone that will satisfy your sweet tooth. The new LG design is a sweet new take on a great flip phone and is actually a revision of a previous model that is sure to please. Along with an ice cream theme for the available colors of Vanilla, Strawberry and Pistachio, the new LG ice cream phone also comes with emoticons embossed on the surfaces including smiley faces, hearts, and crowns. An orange LED light illuminates the phone with a creamy glow that makes the phone look even more delicious.

Ice Cream Phone from LG

With this new model from LG Electronics, users will be able to send email and even use an on board dictionary application to check spellings, as well as utilize video calling options to personalize calling even more than ever. The slender ice cream phone is a 13.6 mm flip design. Once activated, users can personalize their profile by choosing from several theme colors to match or contrast their phones including pure white and pink and blue suites. The display is a 5.588 cm, 262K TFT QVGA screen that will make picture viewing and option scrolling easy and convenient. This handset features 150 minutes of continuous talk time as well as 140 hours of standby, so you are sure to have all the power you need for calling and data transfer.

Ice Cream Phone from LG

The only unattractive thing about this phone may be the price. At 40 million won ($40,000 USD), this phone may be a bit steep for some pocket books, but users who do acquire this phone are sure to be pleased with it!

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7 Responses to “Sweet, Creamy Ice Cream Phone From LG”

  1. fssf Says:

    40000 dollars?

  2. asdf Says:

    what the heck? 40,000 dollars! :O

  3. jenny Says:

    400 dollars.. but now its like 250..

  4. mai Says:

    crazy get iphone s much better

  5. Lucy Anne Judd Says:

    The Ice cream phone is so cute my cousin has it and it is about $100
    where the hell did you get $40,000 from

  6. m.paarsuraman Says:

    my ice creme phone not going call

  7. charlotte Says:

    how do i order the sweet creamy ice cream flip phone lg vanilla


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