T-Mobile Lands Nokia E73 Mode That Promotes Work-Life Balance

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Nokia E73 Mode

T-Mobile today announced the Nokia E73 Mode, a candy-bar shaped smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard. The Nokia E73 Mode is designed for business customers who need access corporate emails, as the Nokia E73 Mode supports Mail for Exchange technology to receive corporate e-mail, contacts and calendar pushed directly to their device. To promote work-life balance, Nokia E73 Mode features a unique Switch Mode feature that allows users to switch between customizable home screens.

Features and specifications of the E73 Mode include a 5-megapixel digital camera with flash and autofocus, Wi-Fi for voice and data, a full HTML browser, Adobe Flash, Ovi services, and access to corporate apps including Salesforce.com IBM Lotus Traveler, and more.

“The Nokia E73 Mode brings style and function in an affordable device without compromise,” said Mark Slater, vice president, Sales, Nokia. “Working together with T-Mobile, the Nokia E73 Mode enables us to bring our customers a ‘Work & Life’ solution that allows consumers and businesses to be as productive as possible, while still providing an exceptional consumer value and performance.”

“T-Mobile is committed to providing a variety of devices that serve our customers’ needs to stay connected to the central people in their lives including family, friends and even colleagues from the office,” said Travis Warren, director, product marketing, T-Mobile USA. “With the Nokia E73 Mode, we’re excited to offer a premium device at an attractive price that helps Mom and Dad put work aside and make their family the top priority.”

The Nokia E73 Mode will be available on June 16 both online and at stores.

via T-Mobile press release

One Response to “T-Mobile Lands Nokia E73 Mode That Promotes Work-Life Balance”

  1. Lolok Says:

    I don’t agree that a piece of equipment that makes it easier to be contacted by your bosses at work and access your work emails will facilitate a healthier balance between life and work.
    People work too much – I believe as employers, employees and self-employed, we all can all try harder to find balance between work and life. Time for YOU.I believe that 21hours could be the basic working week as opposed to the massive 40hours (or a lot more). It is too much and cannot be sustained for a lifetime. People are not machines.

    The Future of Work

    The moral basis for 21hours a week is upon the idea (I believe) that if living standards are improved (for example – time for leisure, health, good food, family etc.) that people will get by with less money. There may be some middle way between the existing system and an imposed 21 hour working week. Germany would entertain this idea at least as their culture is very family orientated (for instance – they do not open their shops on a Sunday so people who work in the retail sector do not have to work on this day). Here in Britain, on the other hand, this would never wash. We work the most hours in Europe.

    People live to work and I think this attitude can be traced back to, what Max Weber called ‘The Protestant work ethic’. This label is more relevant to the times in which this sociologist deemed it a phenomenon of industrial society (19th Century). But the idea of a ‘work ethic’ or a moral obligation to work oneself into the ground (in effect) with excessive hours of gainful employment dominates the culture of work.


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