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The T-Mobile Shadow (also known as HTC Phoebus) is a PDA phone that runs on Windows Mobile 6 Standard operating system and a Texas Instrument 200 MHz OMAP 850 processor. To keep the size small, the T-Mobile Shadow doesn’t feature a full QWERTY keyboard. Instead, it comes with a 20-key keyboard which works pretty much like BlackBerry Pearl’s SureType keyboard. Like other Smartphones, you expect to get Windows Media Player Mobile, Internet Explorer Mobile, and Microsoft Office Suite Mobile to be preloaded on the T-Mobile Shadow phone no matter you like them or not. The preloaded Microsoft Office suite not only allow you to view Word, Excel and Powerpoint files, but you also can edit the files right on the Shadow PDA phone.

Other features include MP3 player (Windows Media Player Mobile), a 2.0-Megapixel digital camera that also record video clips, Stereo Bluetooth support, Wi-Fi support, and microSD expansion slot that supports up to 4GB of memory upgrade.

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T-Mobile Shadow (HTC Juno) Features and Specifications

Hardware Specifications

NetworkGSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, EDGE, GPRS
Weight5.3 oz / 150.3 g
Size / Dimension 4.1″ (Length) x 2.1″ (Width) x 0.6″ (Height)

10.41 cm (Length) x 5.33 cm (Width) x 1.52 cm
ProcessorTexas Instruments OMAP 850, 200 MHz
Operating SystemWindows Mobile 6.0 Standard for Smartphones
Internal LCD Screen2.6-inch 65K colors TFT LCD screen (240 x 320 pixels)
External LCD ScreenNo
Battery Type Lithium Polymer 920 mAh
Battery Life Talk: 5 hours
Standby: 160 hours (6.7 days)
Internal Memory Space144 MB
Expandable Memory SlotYes. MicroSD. Supports Up to 4GB of Memory Expansion
QWERTY Keyboard

No. 20-Key QWERTY Keyboard Like BlackBerry’s SureType Keyboard

Voice Activated DialingYes
GPS System / GPS NavigationNo

Email, Messanging and Office Functionalities

EmailYes. Supports IMAP4 / POP3 / SMTP. Supports Microsoft Exchange Push Technology
Internet Browsing / WAPYes. WAP 2.0 (xHTML). Internet Explorer Mobile
Voice MemoYes
Microsoft Office SuiteYes. Viewing and Editing Microsoft Office Documents

Digital Camera

Mega Pixel2.0
Maximum Resolution1600 x 1200 pixels
Zoom8x Digital Zoom

Music and Audio

MP3 PlayerYes. Windows Media Player Mobile. Supports AAC, AMR, WMA, WAV, MP3 Music Files

Video and Camcorder

Video PlayerYes. Windows Media Player
Video RecorderYes. Max Length Depends on Available Memory
Streaming VideoYes


BluetoothYes. Version 2.0 with EDR (enhanced data rate)
Bluetooth Stereo Headset (A2DP)Yes
Wi-Fi (WLAN)Yes. 802.11b /  802.11g
USBYes. mini-USB
TV OutputNo
HeadPhone Jack (2.5mm)Yes
Computer SynchronizationYes

Please let us know if the information above is wrong. We're humans too, sometimes we make mistakes.

User Reviews

  1. Alan H Says:

    I am a recent convert to T-mobile service from Sprint. I stayed with Sprint through thick and thin for about 6 years with at least 5 different phones. My last phone with them was a Palm Treo which I thought was great but kept breaking (3 phones in 6 months). I am a power user for work as well as personal use (I’m never at home) and have about two weeks experience using this phone. I chose to switch to T-mobile for this phone. I am glad that I did. My reception is very good in my area (Michigan) and it also performed well on a recent trip over Thanksgiving to the Charlotte N.C. area. I even visited relatives in rural S.C. and found that I had service where I never had it with Sprint. The phone is a quality unit and is much better than my palm. The software is less buggy and doesn’t crash as often. The music player is wonderful! I purchased a set of wireless bluetooth headphones and I now have the ability to get about 40-45 feet away from my phone and still stream music or talk on the phone. The manual says 30ft but in my tests of it, it works at least 10ft farther consistently. I was able to set up my hotmail and gmail account to retrive and send my mail with no problem. There is also a new Windows Live search function that I downloaded that allows me to search for everything from movies theaters to gas prices in a given area using speech recognition. It works great and provides a great deal of info @ your fingertips without much hassle. The camera on the phone works better than most although the controls take some getting used to. The Windows Media Player allowed me to easliy sync playlists right to my phone and the sound through my bluetooth headphones is quite good. The memory is micro SD and I currently have a 1gb card. I see a 4gb card in my future. I have about 70 songs and several photos on the card and have used a little over half of it. With a 4gb card you have alot of the functionality of an Iphone in a more practical package (you can change the battery in this phone unlike the Iphone). I also get album cover art in my media player right off the computer. I am also in love with the key board on this phone. I am able to use the predictive input mode on the phone and it accurately predicts the word I’m typing at least 80% of the time which makes texting or sending email from this phone better than any other phone I’ve ever used. This phone is much better than a Blackberry if you don’t have to have one because of direct push email at your job. The Blackberry interface is not as intuitive as this one. This phone will support direct push technology if your company uses a Microsoft Exchange Server. This phone is also cheaper in price than many other smartphones that don’t work as well (Treo, Blackberry, etc.). In summation this phone is fantastic! I do wish I had a screen protector for the beautiful large screen. I try and clean it often. Try one out you won’t be disapppointed!

  2. Vik Steele Says:

    The battery life claims by TMobile are exaggerated to say the least.
    My standby time is more like two days not 6 days. That is with all the power saving settings set to the max.

  3. kandice Says:

    i have had the shadow for about a month now. all in all i am pretty satisfied with it. the music player is great! i also love the keyboard. with the t9 i rarely find myself going back to change words. the biggest downfall would definitely be the battery life. although, when wi-fi is turned off it lasts a lot longer. i am a heavy text message and email user throughout the day and after my 9 hour work day my battery is still about 60% full. also, it would be great if the camera had a flash but it still manages to suffice. i have had t-mobile of about 5 years and go through phones quite often. i would definitely say this is the best phone I’ve ever had.

  4. DJ C Says:

    This is the phone to have if you don’t have it get on it!!!! Its light weight and ready for just about anything you need from it! The music player is clear and crisp and the internet keeps me up with all the latest things I need to know the only thing I have to say is they should have put a better battery life for it other than that it’s hot!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. craig Says:

    i am actually writing this review with my shadow. this phone has satisfied my needs as a tech savvy guy. it has all the capabilities as expected from a windows mobile operated phone. connectivity is wonderful. if you do plan on getting a phone from tmobile this is the phone to get!

  6. larry j Says:

    Great phone in all aspects except one,the battery,it is way to minimal in life expectancy.

  7. dru h Says:

    actually the shadow supports up to 8 gb micro cards, not just 4….
    i bet if they made them bigger it would probally handle that too… i dont see why not…
    very cool toy get an extra battery cause you will play with it constantly when you first get it. plays movies… very cool.

  8. Khalil Says:

    The Tmobile shadow really is a great phone! It has tonss of features and is the phone to get. Be4 i had this phone, i had Tmobile’s most expensive phone, the Sidekick LX. I immediately got rid of it becuz it is not worth its price, is too childish, and has absolutely no features! THE TMOBILE SHADOW IS TMOBILE’S BESSTT PHONE OUT!!!

  9. moni75 Says:

    I just got a Shadow for free. I must admit I had planned on buying a BB Pearl, but now that I have the Shadow I wouldn’t trade it for the Pearl. It’s such a cool phone! So many features, more than I know what to do with. I’ve had minimal time to play with the features. Getting used to the keyboard is a little tricky, but it’s because Ive been so used to the standard 3 letter per key models. I love it!

  10. dru h Says:

    ok the 8 gb is too much, it messed up my programs, then popped a 4gb into it n it work great

  11. Pavi Says:

    Is it true that with the Tmobile Shadow, the XT9 predictive text does not completely switch off, even when I manually do so?

    Is this a glitch with just particular set or is this the norm with the shadow…?

    I would really appreciate it if someone who knows cud answer…im seriously contemplating buyin a shadow but this def cud be a deal breaker for me!…

    Thank u

  12. neightwatts Says:

    this is my favorite phone. my only problem with her it is the battery will due if you don’t charge it daily I am good with stopping programs to save batterylife. also I can connect to wireless routers all over the place except the one at my house! I don’t know why! I have the router unsecured and open in ever way I can . its a belkin so maybe this phone only connects with linksys I don’t know. if you know what i can do to get it to connect through my belkin router please tell me.

    does anyone else have any trouble with wifi?

  13. Lilith Says:

    I have been using a Treo 600 for years and now it’s time for a new phone. I saw this one and ordered one right away!I just am waiting for it to get her. I need the MP3 (have to have my music) like that it’s bluetooth (not on the treo) And I have to have a keyboard. My questions are if anyone know is how do I find programs for it? I need a “checkbook” (love my on the treo) And is there anywhere to get free games?

  14. rlsraiders Says:

    I like my shadow but I wish I could find some games

  15. Jay Says:

    Regarding XT9 predictive text not turning off. This did the same for me for a while; prefer abc mode since I don’t text that often. Anyway, after about 5-6 times of switching to abc mode from XT9, it stayed that way and hasn’t switched back.

  16. Romanmir Says:

    Umm, where is the 2.5mm jack?

    After looking through the manual, I couldn’t find it.. Is this something that t-mobile might’ve taken out or covered up or whatever?

    A 2.5mm jack would be kinda useful, given how much of a power draw the bluetooth is.

  17. Nick Says:

    over all I would say this is a great phone but the only thing i would like to know is i have music on my windows media mobile how do i set those as ring tones if that is a possiblity.

  18. robbie Says:

    it would be nice if the battery would stay charged 4 more time & it didnt get hot.

  19. theron young Says:

    okay this phone is really cool but the draw backs are the battery is very useless it dies on me after 4 hours even with max power saver, the battery gets really hot while charging, really stupid boring games like card games or sports, programs don’t shut down after you exit them which you have to go to task manager to shut them down, recorder isn’t that great of quality, ring tones do not stop for text messages, it comes in really stupid boring colors (green pooh and copper brown) and the speaker are not very loud at all. sad sad sad part is i kinds liked most of my razor programs better plus monopoly and longer battery were in the razor

  20. shantrell Says:

    i love my shadow phone i love the mp3 the battery is weak when you use you mp3 player so i just bought a extra battery

  21. lloyd Says:

    ok I’ve read all the comments and here’s my conclusion. the shadow is t dash’s best phone period. it is kinda hard to find games for it but it has java so that kinda lessens the headache. as for the person with the volume issue, you must remember, its windows, which means it has dual volume output, the system volume, which is accessible via the side volume keys, and the media player volume, which is accessible via the scroll wheel, like a real knob! its an incredibly fast phone, I downloaded a full 7mb song in like a minute using t mobile’s edge with full signal strength. The backlighting is kinda touch sensitive, I use the scroll wheel, the center lights up, the soft keys light up only when I use them, and the keyboard also. But when I use any key in the dark, the whole thing lights up, sweet! the only downfalls with this phone are placement issues. speaker and camera, both are covered by big handed ppl like me. they should have put the camera on the back of the slide where the shadow logo is and the speaker on the top, or a lil higher than where it is now, other than that this phone is awesome. im also a previous pearl user and I actually found this phone and I love it! and as for the pupil with the head phone issue I used my friends usb headphones from motorola and they worked well. and as for the heating problem, try not doing anything while its on the charger, or get an off brand charger cause apparently, they didn’t make the charger heavy use compatible unfortunately. By the way, I used my shadow to write this review lol.

  22. ctsjy2007 Says:

    Bought a tmobile dash under advisement of tmobile sales- BIG MISTAKE! 6 mos in it broke. Have had Shadow for about a week and am much happier thus far. STAY AWAY FROM DASH! I never use caps.

  23. Rita (Very Frustrated)) Says:

    I have nothing but problems with my shadow. I purchased on 9/10/08 around one month later, my screen started to freeze several times a day. When I reported it to T-Mobile, I was directed to removed the battery at least once a day to reboot because “it’s a computer”. That worked for a while a month or so later, the number three key froze while out of town mind you. I was sent another phone at my expense of course. When I receive the new phone, I put the old battery in the new phone and the phone would not hold a charge for long at all nit even for two hours. I was then sent out a new batter, “an extended life battery, guess what, the phone still does not work. Now T_Mobile is in the process of sending me a new charger and a new phone because they are not sure what the problem is at this point. I really like the shadow and since I only talk, text and play the bubble game, I was content with the life of the battery until all the other issues started. For those of you not having any problems, congrats.

  24. becca Says:

    i just got my shadow after waiting for ups to deliver for 11 days!!!!! i love it! keyboarding is being difficult to get used to cause i had the curve. BUT i can’t figure out how to set my songs for ringtones. i found the files from my memory card, but don’t know how to set them. if anyone knows please please please email mr @ becca.terranova@yahoo.com thanks! its an awesome phone if you don’t have it i say get

  25. Heather Says:

    I’ve had the shadow for a few months now. Its great, but like lots of people have said, the battery life sucks. I actually am having trouble with it right now to where it won’t even hold a charge, even when its off!! I just had it sent to a cell phone repair shop the other day for a new flex fiber because mine is damaged. I don’t know if its just a coinincidence that my phone won’t hold a charge since the guy messed around with it, or that the phone sucks when it comes to charging because I’ve always had trouble with it. As of right now, when I plug it into the outlet to charge, instead of the light being yellow, its red. That’s probably a signal something is wrong. My advice, if your looking for a long battery life, DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!

  26. anu Says:

    i love this phone,kinda looks unique on me whenever i am out in the streets of abj..all the functions are off the hook baby…

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