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March 12, 2008 – Jupiter Research is a leading investigator into the opinions and uses of new and emerging consumer technologies. Recent poling has found that there is a new group of consumers that is growing rather fast as it turns out. Research is showing that 30 % of mobile phone users would be interested in receiving coupons through their cell phone. It is expected that within the next year, we will be seeing an increase in this sort of advertisement to interested individuals.

More information on this study can be found at “Mobile Coupons: Identifying New Opportunities Beyond Early Trials.”

At first the idea of coupons via cell phone was thought to be just a fad, but with the public’s growing interest, the idea is moving slowing into mainstream and ideas such as these will likely become more and more common. One analyst with Jupiter Research speculates that such an idea could prove to be a tremendous as of yet untapped resources because of the low cost of delivery versus the possibility of a very high return.

One problem with the idea is that, so far, there are very few retailers that have the technology to read a coupon from a cell phone, so there would be limitations on when and where this type of coupon could be used. There are other methods, however, that could be utilized to read the coupon information, such as an included key to manually enter into the cash register. Although there are a few kinks to work out, the possibility is there and the public is ready to try it out!

Source: JupiterResearch Finds More Advertisers Deploying Mobile Coupons As Interest Grows Among Consumers

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