Top Tips to Capture Better Pictures With Your Mobile Phone

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There is no confusion that a real camera can only take real pictures, which is much better than pictures taken by any other way. That is why I always prefer a SLR camera with advanced Prime lens for taking snaps.

Still, there are sometimes when you feel the need to capture memorable moments, but you do not have the real camera handy at that time. But this should not be a problem for a gadget geek who is using the latest smartphone as it comes with a super cool built-in camera. This type of camera phone is well capable of capturing high resolution pictures and is also extremely handy whilst travelling.

There are of course few limitations, but here Iā€™m listing tips that would help you to get the best snaps out of your phone.

1. Keep the lens clean

Mobile phones are always subject to all kinds of abuse because of their wide and heavy usage. They either live on your hands or in pockets most of the time, which is not at all conducive to keep your lens clean. The photos taken by smartphones often look very poor, mainly due to the fingerprints, grease, or other things stuck on the phone leans. These are responsible for spoiling the picture clarity. Hence, check your phone lens and clean it before taking pictures.

2. Ensure sufficient light

Even though the latest mobile phones mostly incorporate impressive ISO ranges and allow you to take photos in the low light, that does not mean that you should follow the same. Its tiny sensor size generates a lot of noise, which is not a good thing and certainly does not help in capturing best quality snaps. One must, therefore, ensure sufficient light in the room or use the day light whilst talking outdoor snaps for best pictures.

3. Set your phone camera to high resolution

Amongst several setting of your phone camera, the most essential one is to put it on high resolution because the higher the mobile resolution, the better the clarity of photographs will be.

One crucial point to remember here is the file size of your photo will get bigger with the higher resolution of photos. Thus, keep the file size small before e-mailing them to your family or friends.

4. Use the digi-zoom

Using digital zoom to focus on your subject is great if you want to use your mobile phone to get a larger view of the subject. It may well serve the purpose of binoculars, but for photography, zoom out your phone lens to capture better images.

5. Keep your phone steady

Another essential thing whilst using a camera phone is to keep your phone camera steady that will increase picture clarity. One simple way to do this is, just bend your elbows on a hard surface for support, or place the phone against a pillar or something to add crispness to the photos.

6. Adjust white balance

Some phones offer the option to adjust white balance of the camera. Here, you can try and experiment with different settings using this option and see the difference in impact on your photographs.

7. Take close snaps

If you want to avoid picture adjustments later on using zoom in or crop your shots features, you must get the subject closer to your viewfinder.

8. Let editing add some magic

Despite your smartphone may feature a built in editing tool it is always good to use a separate editing app. My recommendations for iPhone will be Snapseed and Photoshop Express editing apps. Also, try to add a little sparkle using the filters and editing tools.

How has been your experience of taking pictures, using your camera phone? Share your ideas in the comment section.

The author is a professional blogger on mobile phone technology. His tips are quite beneficial to get the best from mobile phones, and he also suggests his readers to recycle mobile after usage. Get expert tips on how to recycle mobile phone from his posts.

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