Verizon Wireless offers new Unlimited Plan

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Verizon Wireless

April 16, 2008- As users find more and more uses for their cell phones and incorporate the use of mobile devices into their jobs and business interactions more, it is important for cell phone companies to keep up with these trends and to create new plan options for users. Verizon Wireless has stepped up to the challenge and is getting ready to offer users an unlimited option for their mobile plan that will not only allow then unlimited access to services such as mobile web and email, but also an affordable rate. At only $29.99 a month Verizon Wireless will now be offering users a new unlimited Email and Web plan for smartphones that were previously costing them upwards to $45 a month.

Users who subscribe to the plan will be able to check up to 10 email accounts from several different email providers such as Yahpo!, AOL, and Windows. Unlimited data services for mobile web browsing completes the plan, and although users will not be able to access Microsoft Exchange servers, this package is something that users in the business world might consider for their next upgrade.

These services will be targeting the business professional and will offer services that will allow users a way to stay connected to work and to stay updated on any news they need constant access to. Interactions with friends, family, coworkers, and other business professionals will also allow users to stay on top of their game at all times.

Verizon Wireless is currently offering these services on several of their smartphones. Some of these phones are their SMT5800 XV6800 models a well as the Motorola Q9m.


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