Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Phone Reviewed

Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Phone

The real Walt Disney cellular phone finally appears. Previously, we have received a faked Disney cellular phone that every much looks like just a regular flip phone but has a Disney logo on the cover, but this time we have the very first hand news about the very adorable Walt Disney cellular phone which is definitely everybody’s favorite as it looks so cute and colorful.

This limited-edition Walt Disney cellular phone is designed in Mickey Mouse theme which means from cover to wallpaper and to the icon are designed based on Mickey Mouse pictures. When I first power on this Mickey Mouse phone, I was so attracted to the Mickey Mouse animation when the cellular phone boots up.

Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Phone

This Disney cell phone comes equipped with 262 TFT screen, 1.3-MP digital camera and internal MP3 player. Although this Disney Mickey Mouse cell phone doesn’t have great features and specifications, its beautiful design definitely makes everybody wants to have one.

via PCPop.com

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5 Responses to “Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Phone Reviewed”

  1. Leaked Photos of Hong Kong Disney Cellular Phones Says:

    [...] Walt Disney in Hong Kong is active in cellular phone market nowadays. Previously, we have seen the “super cute” Walt Disney Mickey Mouse phone, now Walt Disney is going to announce the all new candy-bar shaped Disney cellular phone in three colors scheme. Although there are no words on the model and name of this Disney cellular phone, but from the leaked photos we can see that navigation buttons of this cellular phone are designed in Mickey shape. [...]

  2. Helen "Philippines Information Technology" Carry Says:

    Love the design and color of Mickey Mouse Phone.

  3. monika Says:

    I think we much give phone number

  4. Elísabet Says:

    i love this fone


    Em casa todo mundo ama o Mickey. Tem esse celular p/ vender por aqui???


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