World’s Largest Touchscreen Phone – Sharp 931SH Launched in Japan

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Sharp 931SH

This news is kind of old. However, in case you miss the release of this amazing phone, you should keep reading this post. Sharp released the world’s largest touchscreen phone, Sharp 931SH, on 1/31/2009. The 931SH has a 3.8-inch Half-XGA LCD screen, bigger than iPhone’s 3.5-inch. Plus, the 931SH has a 5.2-megapixel digital camera, Digital TV (One Seg) support, 3G, GPS, and video call. No wonder iPhone 3G sales lag in Japan, when there is a better equipped touchscreen phone out there in Japan.

3 Responses to “World’s Largest Touchscreen Phone – Sharp 931SH Launched in Japan”

  1. Ben Corbett Says:

    what about an app store or perhaps a snazzy FLASH to go with something that is supposed to outdo the iPhone?

  2. frank toth Says:

    bigger is better most screene size to small we need radio am/fm wifi digital tv tuner globol push to talk un limited recording good 2 camera like nokia n99

  3. Howard Says:

    Is there some way to get Japanese phone in the united states?


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