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FREE Firefly Cell Phone – AT&T / Cingular

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FireFly phone is designed specifically for kids from 5 -12 and parents in United States. The FireFly cell phone fits perfectly on child’s hand. Comes loaded with flashing lights and 12 pre-loaded ringtones, the Firefly phone is so easy to use and so adorable to kids. Besides that, mom and dad can pre-program fast dial keys, plus configure up to 20 numbers, and set incoming call screening – all using PIN control for piece of mind.

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Accessories that Comes with FREE Firefly

  • Wall Charger
  • Backpack Clip

Pictures of FREE Firefly


Features and Specifications of FREE Firefly

Personalization and Fun Features

  • Polyphonic Ringtones – 12 Pre-loaded Ringtones
  • Multiple Languages – Yes
  • Languages Supported – English, Spanish
  • Customizable Faceplates – Yes, Translucent Shell Is Swappable
  • Customizable Graphics – 5 Pre-loaded Animated Graphics

Core Features

  • Color Main Display – 7 Backlit Screen Colors
  • Style – Candy Bar
  • Vibrate – Yes, Plus Flashing Lights
  • Phonebook Capacity – Mom, Dad and Emergency 911 Fast Dial Keys Plus 20 Pre-programmable Numbers

Battery Life

  • Battery Type – Li Ion
  • Talk Time – Up to 144 Minutes
  • Standby Time – Up to 216 Hours

Technical Specifications

  • Network Compatibility – GSM 850, 1900
  • Ringtone Types Supported – MIDI
  • Dimensions – 3.5 in x 1.8 in x 0.8 in
  • Weight – 2.1 oz

        5 Comments to “FREE Firefly Cell Phone – AT&T / Cingular”

        1. Sue Anne Says:

          I would like to purchase a Firefly Backpack Clip. Do you have them?

        2. admin Says:

          Hi Sue Anne,
          Unfortunately, we don’t carry the Firefly Backpack Clip. We will let you know if we do have them in stocks.

 Sales Team

        3. Dorothy McComiskey Says:

          I am interested in this phone for my son. I have an iphone. Can I track his Firefly using loopt application on my phone?

        4. tayanna Says:

          hello im tatyanna and i would lyk to get a free firerfly oir pay 5.00 and under

        5. cmelendez Says:

          I have two a pink and a blue, willing to sell for $15 each. One was never activated but was removed from package. I have the charger and manual.

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