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Online Exclusive Free cell phones of Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, Sprint Nextel, and T-Mobile Wireless. You won’t see this kind of deals at your local stores! Buy now before they are sold out!

  • FREE LG RevereVerizon Wireless Carrier LG Revere The LG Revere is available for Verizon Wireless. The LG Revere is a stylish and easy-to-use flip phone. With access to mobile web, mobile email, and mobile IM, you will never lose touch. Large keys are easy to see and press individually.
  • FREE Samsung Gravity TXTT-Mobile Carrier Samsung Gravity TXT The Samsung Gravity TXT is available for T-Mobile. The Samsung Gravity TXT is everything you demand from a messaging phone and more!
  • FREE Kyocera Milano BlackT-Mobile Carrier Kyocera Milano Black The Kyocera Milano is now available for Sprint gives you access to thousands of apps in the Android Market with a large touch screen display that brings it all to life. 
  • FREE Kyocera BrioSprint PCS Carrier Kyocera Brio The Kyocera Brio is now introducing by Sprint to stay connected simply. Update your favorite sites like Facebook or Twitter using the full QWERTY keyboard. Share pictures with your friends and family using the 1.3MP camera.
  • FREE Samsung t259T-Mobile Carrier Samsung t259 The Samsung t259 is available now for T-Mobile. The Samsung t259 is a solidly reliable 3G flip phone with a sleek design and all the basic features you need to stay connected to your world - email, text messaging, picture messaging, instant messaging and phone calls. 
  • FREE LG Cosmos TouchVerizon Wireless Carrier LG Cosmos Touch The LG Cosmos Touch is now available for Verizon Wireless. The LG Cosmos Touch is a quick messaging phone for the serious texter. The LG Cosmos Touch has slim, sleek, and feature-packed; this handset boasts a touch screen and slide-out QWERTY keyboard for unsurpassed messaging speed and convenience. 
  • FREE Casio G'zOne RavineVerizon Wireless Carrier Casio G'zOne Ravine The rugged Casio G'zOne Ravine is available for Verizon Wireless users easily adapts from one environment to another whether it's a busy construction site or a day of hiking. Military spec 810G certified, the G'zOne Ravine is built to resist water, extreme temperatures, dust, shock and more. The Ravine includes G'zGEAR tools for outdoor activities including a compass, pedometer, thermometer, and tide tables.
  • FREE LG Cosmos VN250 Messaging PhoneVerizon Wireless Carrier LG Cosmos VN250 Messaging Phone LG Cosmos is a perfect phone for heavy texters, as this sleek looking Cosmos phone features a nice slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The phone also has built-in social networking apps, such as Facebook, allowing you to connect to your friends and family all the time.
  • FREE Samsung T139 GreyT-Mobile Carrier Samsung T139 Grey Samsung T139 Grey is an user-friendly and simple-to-use phone that is enough for making / receiving calls. It has some bonus features, such as VGA camera, Bluetooth, and personal organizational tools that make life more wonderful.
  • FREE Samsung Convoy u640 Black Rugged PhoneVerizon Wireless Carrier Samsung Convoy u640 Black Rugged Phone Samsung Convoy u640 is a rugged phone that is certified to meet military specifications 810F. It is a push-to-talk phone that also has nice multimedia features, including MP3 player (VCAST), 2-MP camera, GPS, and IM.