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Hi there,
I have a rocket fish blue tooth adapter, here is the info... HCI version 4.21147 LMP version 4.16910, this is pretty standard adapter, not cheap no name junk and my HD7 won't connect, booth the computer and the phone are discoverable however from the phone to computer or computer to phone I can't connect? Anyone got any advice, this is really annoying... It isn't like this phone was cheap!

asked by Pippin

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I am having the same problem. I bought a Pioneer CD BTB200 (Bluetooth adapter for the car stereo which did not come cheap I would also like mentioned) to use with HTC Tilt.
It would not connect to the BTB200. After some googling I found JetWare software. Once installed onto the phone, it works.
I changed the phone to a HTC Tilt2 and had to do the same thing all over again.
I could not believe that after all that time the same thing is happening now with my HD7. And on top of that there is no JetWare for WP7.

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Anybody? Anybody? Like maybe someone from HTC with some technical knowledge? That would be great!


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I, too, have bought a HTC HD7 recently. This to take abroad and be my navigator, e-mail and web device.
The phone crashes every day. It cant find Bluetooth devices (Ive tried it with 2 Nokia earpieces) and the MarketPlace apps are a joke with obviously NO QA applied by HTC. If an App has bad reviews then delete it from the MarketPlace! At present I have precious little advantage over my steam phone. Currently this phone is a negative asset. And an expensive one.


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