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is there any way to make it not come up with the converations thing every time you get a text. its green, its ugly and i just want to read my message! any help would be greatlyy apreciated :) thankss

asked by poshboyy

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Sonya picture Sonya

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I did the samre thing today but have just found how to get it back.

Go into your inbox & then left click. It'll turn your inbox into conversations & vice versa!

Nicky Atkins picture Nicky Atkins

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I love you Sonya!

That's exactly what I was after :o)


Kim picture Kim

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Thank you - I was lost without my conversations- I love the feature and am so relieved I could get it back- and so easily- thank you

Suze picture Suze

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Fantastic! Sooooo glad to have conversation facility back!

X picture X

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jovi. picture jovi.

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i dont understand does the phone have to be plugged into the computer? could you explain how too do it more pleaase thankyou:)

Julz picture Julz

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You are a legend Sonya. I didnt like the function when I first got the phone but when it disappeared today, was totally lost. So you dont know what you have till its gone.

Maddy picture Maddy

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Thanks Sonya!

dila picture dila

0 vote

how ?? i want it to ! !

anthony ov birmingham  picture anthony ov birmingham

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Gabriel picture Gabriel

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hghghg picture hghghg

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do know how to get it back

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I dont know how to disable conversations, actually i quite like it as you can delete all your inbox and sent messages in one go just by deleting the convo. One strange thing I have noticed though, if you save any texts from a convo to saved messages, they get deleted when i delete the convo. surely saved means saved! Please try it and tell me if you get the same.

BlondeBird picture BlondeBird

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As per Bronwyn's message above, I've somehow done the same thing - my conversation tab has disappeared. Anyone know how to get it back? So much easier to view/delete texts vis conversations..

Thanks for any help!

Johnas lkqgsjka picture Johnas lkqgsjka

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Go into inbox then press left on navigation key and it will return you to conversations.

Gloria Henderson picture Gloria Henderson

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Thank you that solved the mystery of the disappearing conversation tab.


Nonny picture Nonny

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Am on second W995 now as first one crashed during alarm switch off - first one had conversation but this one dosen't do it all the time - just sometimes.

Anyone having problems sending text while scrolling through contacts? I only get option to send to first contact then i have to go through loads of deleting before sending.

I'm taking second one back also as i think there a going to be major probs with this phone while on 18 month contract.

Dani picture Dani

-1 votes

Hey, Just got the w995 and I dont get what it means for server (i dont know wat you put in there) for the IM use. If anyone could give me that info i would be very greatful =)

Rabz picture Rabz

-1 votes

My fone wnt off 3 timez today, do u thnk its mesd up?sme say if u turn em off at nyt they dnt crash?btw its my 1st day wth w995.x

tambie picture tambie

-1 votes

i am having the same problem! it keeps going onto a sort of stand by mode half way through phone calls, txts and even when trying to listen to music! did you get any success with this prob?

mik picture mik

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hi, i have the w995, love it. I can use the internet and connect via wifi fine, no problems, can download , watch youtube , all that. But i have this small earth logo on my screen all the time, even if im playing a game, using wifi, , its there, even when i have no cradit, most of the time its blue, but sometimes its grey. can anyone help me get rid of it!! cheers

morra picture morra

-1 votes

it only means your connected to the internwet and when ya not it doesnt charge you money or anything so its fine it will go away eventually

tomarseeee  picture tomarseeee

-2 votes

you absolute idiot!! how on earth can you not like it?? its so simple.. are you one of these wierdos who likes to complicate everything? or are you just drunk on here?? and dont say that sort of thing in public.. and how stupid do you have to be to not be able to work your own phone?? Pfft!

Jez W705 picture Jez W705

-1 votes

Sonia you'e a star. don't know how I lost it but just went into my inbox then pressed the left tab on my round nav key and viola all fixed ;-)

jadedly picture jadedly

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I bought a w995 recently and find it really annoying that when I get a message, if I dont have the phone, everyone can see who sent it and what they wrote. Can I change the message list/display settings so that every time i get a message, it doesnt show the sender and the message? I know some earlier models had a setting to show the message received time, instead of displaying the sender and the first part of the message

pookie picture pookie

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follow these instruction: go to general menu- settings-general-new events-pop up. viola!

pookie picture pookie

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i called sony ericsson about this and it is possible. go to your main menu, settings, general, new events and then pop-up. problem solved!

Ronan  picture Ronan

0 votes

does any one how to change the colour of the conversations instead of ugly green ?

can you download the app for the conversations? picture can you download the app for the conversations?

0 votes

can you download the app for the conversations onto a normal C905. Been trying to figure it out all night :(

w995  picture w995

0 votes

i got my w995 a month ago i dot have the conversation tab isnt there atall n when i pree left it still doesnt come up my girlfriend has the same phone but she has the conversation tab can anyone help me out? write back

gemmma picture gemmma

-1 votes

omg same............

kiki picture kiki

-1 votes

w995 gud o not???

linggiman picture linggiman

-1 votes

i just bought a new c510..its been great but i notice that my fon dont have conversation application..can somebody tell me why and is it possible to install the conversation application to my phone..

i would be grateful for any helps..its really bugging me..thankz

Pete12 picture Pete12

0 votes

anyone know what the we blue H is that comes up now n again in the top left corner?

gasipyon picture gasipyon

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it means your area is HSDPA area, which is the area has a strong signal from broadband.

Gabz picture Gabz

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I want to actually delete the Conversation Application on purpose how do i do that, because it is giving me the shits?

Branden picture Branden

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I too lost my conversations tab... how can i get it back? I tried master reset and redoing firmware, but nothing :(

Kenny picture Kenny

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I just got the W995 and there is an annoying menu type thing on the home page covering the wallpaper....can this be removed?

natz picture natz

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hiya does any body no how to delete message reciepts meaning when you sent some one a message the number is always there when you write a message and all numbers you have sent messages to!!! i dont like it does any1 no how to delete them????

Alex 1 picture Alex 1

-1 votes

hi there, whenyou press send on a text it will show a list of all the folk you have sent to. just scroll down these and press the cancel nutton on them and they will dissapear hope this helps

Jemma picture Jemma

1 vote

Thank you...been trying to find out the way to delete the numbers that I have been texting to and you are the only one who had the answer. Thanks. picture

0 vote

Been trying to find this answer for months,just happened to drop on your reply 2 minutes ago.Can't believe it is so easy.very grateful to you.Bruce.

cat picture cat

0 vote

go into messages and as if ur sendin a message were the reciepts come up choose the name u want to delete and hold down the 'C' button :)

James Galati picture James Galati

-1 votes

phone displays can't charge not a sony battery, but it is anyone had this problem and what can be done?

trev picture trev

-2 votes

i want to delete the conversation do i do it.. i hate it...

turbo picture turbo

-1 votes

I want to change the font and background colour for the conversations. How do I do this? Also want to remove the' 3' from main screen and instead replace with current location. Anyone know how?

Thanks :D

no conversations choice on my w995....... picture no conversations choice on my w995.......

-1 votes

i have a sony ericsson w995 and it asnt got the conversations tab on it. and i was told to click the left or ryt navigation button i have tried both but nothing happens there is no other tab on the inbox. ideas??

blah blah picture blah blah

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ok ill try to give u guys some order into things =p.

you dont have to use the convo type of smsing, to change it go to the "Messaging" section in the main menu (or use a shortcut, what ever). while u r in the "Messaging" menu go to the 2nd option (will either b "Conversations" or "Inbox"), in there u can switch between the two using the left/right .

if u have a w995 and dont have the messaging thingy afterall, try to update the software of ur phone using this sony app:

@ all the others who wanna change the colors:

Sony provides a "Themes Creator" software in their site for FREE, if i recall right in advance mode u can change the colors for almost anything on ur phone (it supports all SE phones , not only the w995).

hope that i helpd ne1, cheers =)

del picture del

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hi everyone ..i new to the forum and hope you can help me ,just got new w95 mobile really love it only problem is ,i cant email ..evertim itry to send one a message appears saying send failed then when i press ok another one saysconnection rejected check settings which takes me to the server address settings ..i have been to sony erricson page and had an email settings downloaded but it still wont let me send any emails !!!!!! plese help


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