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Samsung Rugby SGH-A837Samsung Rugby SGH-A837

I am having trouble locating a data cable for the Rugby. All I want to do is get pics off the phone and onto my computer. Do I need any special software or just the cable? Thanks.........Dave

asked by dreamweve

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-2 votes You can get a USB cable

I believe Rugby has USB port. You could just plug in your USB cable and hook it to your computer.

-2 votes

That is the problem......I can't find a usb cable anywhere. Even ATT doesn't have it.....

1 vote Check the port first

Hi Dreamweve,
First of all, check the manual and make sure what kind of USB port that the Samsung Rubgy has. I think it should has a microUSB port instead of a macroUSB port. Anyway, make sure you know which kind of port it has. Then, you could get a standard microUSD or macroUSB cable online or at any store.

MITCHwinans picture MITCHwinans

-1 votes data cable

wrong, but thanks for trying. nobody has a cable to fit the phone,even the ATT stores. I just ordered off the internet

johnson picture johnson

0 votes

some ATT stores carry the USB cable

byron picture byron

-1 votes

i have a cable thats works and its my old black jack cable
same plug and car charger to

Anon picture Anon

-1 votes Cable

I realize that this is six months after the first few posts, but I thought I would add on to the previous post.

Most of the samsung devices manufactured around this time use the same cable - this happens to be the same connector as the Blackjack(SGH-I607), BlackjackII(SGH-I617) and Epix(SGH-I907) (often referred to as the BlackjackIII) - I know those cables are readily available, through AT&T and otherwise.

problems picture problems

-1 votes

ok, whats the trick to get the pictures of the phone to the computer, have the cable, shows thats it's hooked up, what's wrong

Craig picture Craig

-1 votes

Download and install Samsung PC Studio:

Makes it easy.

Badfish picture Badfish

-8 votes

you have it hooked up and chosemass storaage? If you still can't access your pictures then perhaps pack the phone back into the original package, return it to the store and request a refund. Go to best buy and purchase a digital camera and see if you can manage that technology. Failing in that, return that camera to best buy and find a poloroid instamatic camera and a rotory phone as this will be the extent of your technological prowess

Jocvet picture Jocvet

-2 votes

Damn! Funny as hell, but damn Badfish!

Michael425 picture Michael425

-1 votes

when i got this phone i was told how tuff it is and how simple it is. what a load that is now i'm stuck with a phone that is useless

Horselover picture Horselover

-1 votes

I am trying to download my pictures from my Samsung Rugby to my iMac computer... I already have the USB cord but I am unable to get anything to work, what do I need to do next??
Thank You!!


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