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Emergency mode??? USB?? Does anyone know about this?

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My instinct started to freak out, and of course i ignored it. Opps! Now it freezes when I turn it on; the screen it freezes on is the download mode screen. And it says MODE: emergency PORT: USB.
Please someone help me with this.

asked by KoDi

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AL123456789 picture AL123456789

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I took the battery out of my rant and put it back in, then it worked

Aleena picture Aleena

-2 votes

what if u hav a samsung reality

ivonne picture ivonne

-2 votes

my criket samsung phone says"usb download mode" its been like this for a whole week :( someone help me im broke right now and i aint tryin 2 get a new one right now

daisy picture daisy

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mineeee tooo, i need help b/c i got my phone wet and after a while it started going crazy so i kept taking out the battery to see if it will jus go back to normal after a while and now it says USB Download Mode, i need helppp

kristiina picture kristiina

-2 votes

my samsung intensity did that just now and my moms boyfriend took a toothpick and poked at random spots to reset it... it worked.

kilgatron picture kilgatron

-1 votes

getting mad at samsung doesn't fix the problem. use your head.

Cammie picture Cammie

-2 votes

but not providing helpful tips doesnt help either...smfh

Amanda-Amay picture Amanda-Amay

-1 votes

This occured to me after my stupid cats knocked a vase filled with water on my phone and keyboard. Keyboard dried out fine (Though got this weird thing for a bit where the 0 came attatched to a - and ! came attatched with a ~)

My phone wasn't able to register a few of the buttons (The 9 and the contacts shortcut and a few others) So I turned it off, when I went to turn it back on it went into the emergency mode thingy. I dried it out by putting it in a bag of rice over night (A very good idea)
Tried the 8 thing, not sure if it was that or luck that fixed it, but it's working fine now and thank god. 3 days without my phone was agony.

doesn't matter picture doesn't matter

-2 votes

this has happened to me many times.

1) leave it plugged in for a while, it usually works after a while.
2) when it is plugged in, take out the battery and turn it on

amanda jones picture amanda jones

0 votes

how long should you leave it on the charger for

It worked. picture It worked.

-3 votes

I held down the nine button and the power button for about ten seconds after taking the battery out, then put the battery back in and my phone works perfectly :] Thanks!!

lexi picture lexi

-2 votes


CathyMae picture CathyMae

-1 votes

Totally worked for me!!! Thank you!!!

Brittany picture Brittany

-1 votes

i held down the 8 or 9, it didn't work. but my phone has been having problems with the 3 button, so after i took my battery i held down 3, and turned it on. it worked just fine.

__crystal__  picture __crystal__

-1 votes

I held down the 8 button with the battery in and then took the batter out and put it back in and it got out of the usb dowlode mode.
my end button doesn't work now :( but atleast I still have my phone..

amanda jones picture amanda jones

-2 votes

ive done everything and it still shows up USB download mode and then on the bottom its says stuff then numbers this maken me mad please help

Jordan picture Jordan

-1 votes

I dont know what to do mine says mode:WDL4 Downloader and PORT: USB

HARLEY=) picture HARLEY=)

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sgvbizkitz picture sgvbizkitz

-2 votes

HELP HELP HELP!!!! My instinct's touch screen wont let me touch anything I CANT EVEN GET TO THE FRIGGEN 8 ( i think it turned into a prude) seriously the screens acting up

Jeremiah picture Jeremiah

-1 votes

8 thing worked on my sway but I had to do it like 5 times

zaria picture zaria

-1 votes

I have the samsung intensity and i have tried everything. the 8 , 9 thing. My battery is freezing now.

i got it wet , with sweat bc it was in my bra .
some one please help . immediately !

pretty girl picture pretty girl

-1 votes

thank you so much! holding down 8 worked for me and i am so thankful!

Jay-Jay picture Jay-Jay

-1 votes

my phone turned on, but is acting crazy now! what do i do?

Hello Me picture Hello Me

-1 votes

My SPH-M510 isputting in random letters as I try to text! The people I try to text cant understand me! Does anyone know hw to fix this?

Crystal picture Crystal

-1 votes

the 8 thing worked for me im soooo glad!

grr picture grr

-2 votes

well i didnt get mine wet, i think help ):

Kenny1813 picture Kenny1813

0 votes

Humm, its very easy! with the instinc sph800, i juste take out the battery and put it back and it going great! because the 8 and 9 trick dosen't work for us(sph800) because we can't touch number!!! so....good luck!

wk picture wk

-1 votes

i have a samsung r100 and it says Dowload Mode: Emergency Port: Usb and even when i take the battery out it just somes back up how do i fix it

<3 Stephie 26 <3 picture <3 Stephie 26 <3

1 vote

Hey I just bought a sam sung Seek yesterday and I woke to alarm on my phone for work this morn at 5am. I look at my cell a little later and it says "Emergency Download Mode. Port USB."?" I have tried everything. What's even funny I didn't even do anything to it, just did it on its own. Any suggestions???

Thanks all!

xojules picture xojules

-1 votes

I have a Samsung M510, I've had it since December 2008 and it's worked PERFECTLY, now all of a sudden the keys are spazzing and then it said, Mode: emergency, port: usb. The 8 thing helped turn it on but the keys are still being stupid! HELP!

8 picture 8

0 vote

The 8 thing worked for me. Just play around with it...battery in...battery out. I think it'll eventually spark something in the phone.


0 vote

OK i have a samsung delve and one day after school i turn it on and the buttons wont respond, on menu i press contacts and it goes to menu, it seems like the only buttons you can press are on the RIGHT SIDE OF THE SCREEN , in whichever row you touch it, making it impossible for me to reset send texts or go on internet, PLEASE HELP ME!!!

kathy j picture kathy j

0 vote

Thanks u guys----took battery out pressed 9 and on- replaced battery and turned it on AND IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!thanks kj

Samsung Idiot picture Samsung Idiot

0 vote

Hey can you guys help me out? I have a samsung and it started acting up because i got something stuck in the place that the power cord gets plugged in... it thought it was permanently in usb samsung pc studio 3 mode and wasn't working correctly. My dad suggested that i do a master reset, so i did and now it has a black screen with a blue border and a red bar with download written in it. I desperately need to fix the phone and keep the contacts but all the numbers are saved to the phone not sim...! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

brittany picture brittany

0 vote

what if my phone is stuck on a screen that says
Mode: Emergency
what do you do?

damile picture damile

0 vote

how can i fix

gab picture gab

0 vote

i got the intencity and all the tricks doesnt work... how much time do you press on that buttom

tHoSe GaY tRiCkS dOnT wOrK!!!! picture tHoSe GaY tRiCkS dOnT wOrK!!!!

1 vote

LOOK I TRIED EVERY 1 OF THOSE...I JUST GOT THE USB CABLE OFF MY CHARGER ADAPTER THEN PLUGGED TO COMPUTER...(WINDOWS 7)AND LEFT IT FOR ABOUT 15 MINUTES...THEN IT TURNED OFF...THEN RE-BOOTED AND SAID "Phone shutdown due to operating system error,a full recovery was attempted through USB mode and some things may not be able to work because they could not be recovered" and now its fine....Every thing recovered for me.

Mel picture Mel

1 vote

The 8 thing worked for my phone thankss!

Annoyed.  picture Annoyed.

0 vote

Samsung Galaxy S i9000 - absolutely amazing phone.
Shite Kies software....

Going back to a HTC again, can't be arsed.

Samsung sort this out please, its the best phone on the market please give your software coders a few extra biscuits for breakfast and get them onto it.

Madredis picture Madredis

0 vote

i have the samsung caliber and it does the same thing it will go to the download mode and it will say emergency port USB and SW ver: sch-480 PLEASE HELP


0 vote

i have the Samsung Intensity II and after snowboarding a few of the buttons stopped working and now its frozen saying USB Download Mode and i have tryed the 8 or 9 thing and it didnt work i tryed plugging it in for a while and i tryed just taking out the batterie and putting it back in so if anyone knows how to fix this PLEASE HELP ME ):

chels picture chels

0 vote

my samsung is flashing when charging and it says download mode, just sitting there flashing on and off and on again its driving me crazy! its been 2 days now and it only works when it wants to and on top of that, my touch screen isnt working when it does turn on -_-

ash 645 picture ash 645

1 vote

chuck it in the bin!!!!

John O'Neill picture John O'Neill

-1 votes

It worked for me. Thanks for your advice.

Gweeeen. picture Gweeeen.

0 vote

my phone was like tht for like 2 days! 8 0r 9 thing workd. Thnx(:

nancy picture nancy

-1 votes

It didn't work for my phone

angell picture angell

-1 votes

i have a samsung freeform 2 and i dropped it in water.. it was working fine .. then the middle button stopped working so i turned off my fone nd took ou the battery.. i put it back in n turned the fone on nd now its stuck on usb mode.. i treid taking out the battery nd uttin it back in but itkeeps popping up!! what do i do?!?! helppp!!

Israel picture Israel

0 vote

Ummmm.... I happened to me all of a sudden. And I just took out the battery and then placed it back in.

cheyanne picture cheyanne

0 vote

i tryed everything that u said and didnt work i got this phone on my 12th birthday and im 13 now and my perants are gonna be mad if i dont get it to work need help !


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