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Samsung Omnia SGH-i900Samsung Omnia SGH-i900

Hi to everyone

I've had my omnia for 2 weeks now and couldn't be happier with it. My only problem is the camera, the day i bought it the camera had hundreds of interferece bars coming out from the right hand side of the picture. This cleared after an hour or two so i figured i had pressed something that resolved the problem!!
It has started doing it again today and i cant clear it this time... Please has anyone got any ideas for me??

Thanks Caroline

asked by caz.evans

Answers or Comments

0 votes That sound like you have a broken device

It could be the camera lens is broken. I suggest you to return the device and has them check it.

OmniaUser picture OmniaUser

-1 votes

Am not happy with my Omnia camera.. the picture quality is poor. have to keep trying different resolutions.. n its still not half as good n easy as an nokia phone

-1 votes I fixed it...

Thanks for your comments.

I don't know what i did but its fine again now...

Will look into it though incase it happens again.


LynTes picture LynTes

-2 votes Transferring pics from Omnia to laptop

Hi, I have tried to download pics but even though mobile phone and laptop has been synchronised, the pictures cannot be downloaded, any advice?


3 votes Pictures doesn't sync automatically. You have to find them

Even though you sync your calendar, tasks, and to-do lists with your computer / laptop, the pictures taken with Omnia phone doesn't get synced automatically. What you need to do is, when your Omnia phone and your pc are synced (cables are hooked), you can go to "My Computer", and you will find your Omnia phone. Double click on your phone, and try to find the folder when you keep your pictures. You could try to use Windows Search to search for any kind of JPEG files.

NicT picture NicT

-3 votes

When i try to use my camera it comes up 'Not enough storage space. Close applications and try again'

All the applications are closed.

Duan picture Duan

-1 votes Camera

I also get the error that Nic T is getting: Not enough video memory. I used Task Manager to close all tasks, moved most pics and tracks to the storage card - does not work. Any help?

tim picture tim

-1 votes

Hi caz.evans ,

so have you figured out whats the problem of your omnia?
or is it really like what kenson had said that the lens is broken?
i think i am facing the same issue as you now... is there any way or method that you did to resolve this camera issue?

Zunayed picture Zunayed

-1 votes Samsung Omnia Camera Problem

hi, i brought a samsung omnia i900 2 weeks ago. but now camera is problem.

Min picture Min

-1 votes Samsung Omnia Camera Problem

Mine oso same problm with the camera.
When turn on the camera, display show black dark, when i press snap.
the camera snap the blank pic.
Need advise..thx..


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