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lg cf360 take picture cannot save says insufficient memory.phone memory ......... no sd card in phone.
20 byte
0 byte
208 kb
1 kb
197 kb
56225 kb what is others?

thank you for any help

asked by aj

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Tony picture Tony

1 vote

I had the same problem. I tried all sorts of things but none worked. i finally got it working. what i did was go into the phone settings, to the memory options, set storage defaults and selected the camera instead of all. I changed it to phone memory and went to my camera. in the bottom right it shows that i could take like 51 pictures. snapped a shot and it worked. i then went back into the settings and changed the camera storage back to my memory card and it still worked. Hope this helps you because this problem was making me mad for like 2 weeks. best of luck.

Hm.. picture Hm..

0 votes

I have a problem JUST like that, but it is with Texting and my inbox is empty and its complaining about not enough room for another text message

jdemars1 picture jdemars1

-2 votes

I'm having the same issue with text messages. Have you had any luck in fixing it? The phone reserved memory shows as being full but I have no messages in my folders???

Blaank picture Blaank

-1 votes

I'm having a problem with the phone except its with the memory card in the phone. The phone lets me play like 3 songs then it says playback error then i can't acces anything that was in the memory card. Can someone help me?

abir picture abir

4 votes

Even though you see [6] Outbox [0] which looks like your Outbox has zero messages, it is full because the default saves every message you ever sent. This default behavior needs to be corrected. The fix for you guys is simple: go into the Outbox folder, select Options, select [4] Select Multiple, select Options, select [2] Select All, select Options, select [1] Delete. And, voila you are now free to text!

Edster picture Edster

-2 votes

Thank you, it worked!!!!

deanneja picture deanneja

0 vote

abir-thank you, it worked!!!!

Resq999 picture Resq999

0 vote


Janet T picture Janet T

0 vote

Thank you for taking the time to let us know!

Amanda Herzog picture Amanda Herzog

0 votes

I guess this is a common problem with the LG phone.

I changed the settings on what size photo I wanted to take to a smaller size than what was original and it started taking pictures again.

Hope this helps

j picture j

-1 votes

Thanks for the fix re: text message memory! Is there a way to change the settings so the phone won't save every outgoing message? Or do you just have to empty it often?

eve picture eve

1 vote

i turned my phone off n on and it worked !!!

unknown picture unknown

0 votes

THANK YOU SOO MUCH I WAS GETTING SUPER FUSTRADED, because my camera wasnt working and found out all i had to do was turn it off and on THANK YOU SOO SOO MUCH i do not know what to say anymore but THANKSS

jsyvinski picture jsyvinski

0 votes I turned my phone off & on

I turned my phone off & on also, it worked! Thanks!

-1 votes

anybody know how to view text messages that were sent on the phone?

Cass picture Cass

-1 votes

Thank you so much Abir! I have searched high and low to try to find how to fix the text problem with my phone, your answer was a huge help.

PepeLucho picture PepeLucho

-1 votes

tengo un modelo LG GU 285g quiero saber como puedo acceder a la memoria reservada ya quetiene 2Gb par apoder almacenar informacion. Gracias

please help picture please help

0 vote

hay im having a similar problem i have a memory card that works and everything saves to that but when i try go into games and applications or send/receive a pix message it says insufficient memory and when i cheek the memory manager it says its full and 71918kb are are used from miscellaneous, 3401kb used from java,14kb used from email,40kb used from multi msg (which i have no pic in my in box or out box),420/917 are used from souns and pics that are already on the phone its self.
please can anyone help me?

hashee picture hashee

0 vote

do u find any solutions if yes plz tell me ihave the same problem with me on my lg

jessmay2015 picture jessmay2015

0 vote

I turned mine off then back on and it worked:)

lucy picture lucy

0 vote

well on my phone it has a memory card in and it says that i have insufficient memory!! i don't know what to do, it wont let me save a drawing, edit a photo or change the main screen photo

on my lg snap^.

Bet picture Bet

0 vote

Same with me, been going crazy, the on/off worked, thanks

rachel picture rachel

0 vote

wow the on/off thing does work! I went and bought a new sd card thinking that was my prob because I cldn't snap a pic but I wish I wld hav tried this first!

Chelsea picture Chelsea

0 vote

I get the memory full message on my new lg gu290, and it means I can't reply to txts or take photos or anything. I tried the on off thing and it seemed to work, but then it happens again every couple of days. It gets frustrating having to turn my phone off and on all the time!! Does anyone know of a more permanent fix??

linda picture linda

0 vote

not able to text pics says insufficent memory it is a lg att phone

LG phone picture LG phone

0 vote

wow... I have had the problem of Insufficient memory for couple weeks now on the LG cell phone.

I deleted pictures/texts/audio files. Still said same thing Ins. Mem.

Then after reading the On and Off thing >.< I turned my phone off and then on.

LOL it works now.


Darryl picture Darryl

0 vote I have an LG 360 with at&t.

I have an LG 360 with at&t. I've been running the at&t radio for several months. Now all of a sudden, I've been getting a 'no memory' error when I try to select a station to play.

I've turned the phone on and off several times. It still give me the 'no memory' every single time. I also deleted and reinstall the at&t radio app. I've moved all my apps, photos, and music to my SD card, and I'd delete some unused games and apps too if I could, but I can't seem to do that either. I even deleted my browser history

Any help would be appreciated.

gobruins1 picture gobruins1

0 vote

also had camera memory problem. turned it off then on, worked like a charm. Unreal. thanks for the tip

Loiter picture Loiter

0 vote

off/on trick worked for me

Frazzle Dog Yeah picture Frazzle Dog Yeah

0 vote

OMG...are you kidding me...I have had the Pics. problem for like 3 months and nothing worked for me. I moved all my pics and songs onto my computer and it still didn't work. I saw the on/off thing and thought that it was stupid, but tried it. It worked. WOW! I'm so happy right now!! :)

freezone picture freezone

0 vote

my hauwei phone refuses to continue browsing facebook but it can browse other sites. i keep getting insufficient memory. please, what do i do?

Libbylongime picture Libbylongime

0 vote

my phone is a 2 degrees Huawei, and every time i want to look something on the browser it would say insufficient memory. and then when i try and go into opera it will say insufficient memory but then go to java and says at least 53679 k used, at the botton it will say stop. i go to stop but it takes me to a page saying browser websites for problem and not answers!

any help would be appreciated!


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