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Samsung INNOV8 i8510 Samsung INNOV8 i8510

I have just bought my phone but the message icon at the top right side keep sblinking non stop. I have deleted all the messages but still that icon is blinking. I think becuase of that the battery consumption is high. Can any one help me in this regard?


asked by shaqster

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michierux picture michierux

-3 votes

i face the same problem...

laura picture laura

-3 votes

If you put your sim card into your old phone and delete your sim messages, this sorts out the problem! well it did for me :D
there could be an easier way but not one that i know of
hope this helps xx

Rob picture Rob

-3 votes

Thanx, yep this solves the problem but you can delete your sim messages from the innvo8 by selecting SIM messages.

rachel picture rachel

-3 votes

yeh.. select messaging.. then setting then sim mesages and clik delete...

Ste picture Ste

-3 votes Innov8 prob.

Thanks a lot!! Sorted this problem, I thought my phone was faulty lol!!

Thanks again :D

innov8 vault picture innov8 vault

-3 votes

i have the same problem
how do i get on to the sim messages?
plus sometimes when turned off on charge the battery icon comes up with an hour glass and willnot charge or turn on
any help please?

simone - phone problem picture simone - phone problem

-3 votes

i have had my phone a few months but for some reason recently its been playing up!!!
when i take the memory card out i can view my music on the phone memory but when i put my memory card in it wont even open the music page so i cant view my music! why is this any help please!

Matt-E picture Matt-E

-1 votes Goto: Menu > Messaging >


Menu > Messaging > then press Options on Inbox > Scroll down to SIM Messages > Options.. Mark all > Delete

And the Message Beacon should be gone :)

Chirag Parmar picture Chirag Parmar

0 vote

Thanks Brother, really your trick is very helpful for me. Thanks again, But I have another problem also, in my Samsung i8510 Innov8 when i put in charging it become very very hot. and I put in charging 2 - 3 -4 hours but there is no any msg like battery full, charging continiously running, and in 1 hour charging is over.

I use other battery ERD, but there is same problem charging over in 1 hour.

Please help me my email id is

Thanks bro..

zplitt picture zplitt

-3 votes

Thanks this solved my problem on my Samsung i8910 omnia hd

bratkos picture bratkos

-3 votes

thanks it works perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

celluser picture celluser

-3 votes

blinking message icon means you have a unsent or failed sent message in your outbox.just delete it then it should stop

sammsang picture sammsang

-3 votes

hey guys are there anyway to delete all ur messages like in ur sent folder?

Shannen picture Shannen

-3 votes

thanks everyone you helped me out

Mandy picture Mandy

-3 votes

Thanks - this helped for me too.

I've had my phone 14 months now and it's been repaired 5 times! I've just decided to call it a day and gone for an iPhone instead :-)

HELP! picture HELP!

-3 votes

ok i have the Samsung link
and ive had it for 4 days not
and a blinking icon keeps going off
it looks like an envelope with an n on it
and my inbox is empty and i dont have the SIM thing that everyon is saying to delete!
please help me out!!!!

juls picture juls

-3 votes

that worked even for me! thanks guys

Tony Smit picture Tony Smit

-3 votes

Thanks all, Matt-E you helped a lot

mang0 picture mang0

0 vote

i have been using this phone since one year. of all the problems encountered, m facing a new one which m unable to resolve. I will have to give it to the company if it doesnt resolve. but hoping if anyone has any idea....that if i press the menu or any icon, it doesnt open, but i can type a number, but at the same time when i press for calling, it doesnt respond. so i restart my cell, and there it's ok. now when the flip is open, i can use it well. after i clse flip and then try again using it doesnt work.
I think it might be hardware problem but that shouldnt have happened since it's only one year i have used this phone :s

pathfinder picture pathfinder

0 vote

thank u lots my probleme is solved thank u but i have another icon fixed is law signal icon

cutedude picture cutedude

0 vote

thanks that helps a lot..

Jayson(phils) picture Jayson(phils)

0 vote

Thanks a lot..

Kallos Tamas picture Kallos Tamas

0 vote

THAAAANKS MAN!!! Problem solved


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