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my touch screen dont work!!

Samsung FinesseSamsung Finesse

every thing on my phone works the back, call, volume, end, and camera but not the screen... anybody know what to do?

asked by mando

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enderson picture enderson

-2 votes

try calibrating the touch screen; go to settings=>phone settings=> calibration,
follow through and it should work.

murray picture murray

0 vote

there is no phone seetins on Samsung Intercept u nipwet!

LJ picture LJ

0 vote

I used the arrow keys and the little "mouse pad" to reach settings > phone settings, but didn't find calibration.

I could almost use all the features of my phone without the touchscreen, but I need a keyboard shortcut for the back button. Once I get into something the only way I can figure to get back out is to power down the phone and then power it up again. Anybody know an alternate way to use the back button without using the touchscreen?

Alex3333 picture Alex3333

-3 votes

Cheers for that. What caused my screen to freeze like it did

Kricket picture Kricket

8 votes

How do you get to settings if your touch screen will not work and you have no way to open the menu?

kricket picture kricket

-1 votes

how do you calibrate it if you cannot use your touchscreen to get to that option?

Taylor picture Taylor

-2 votes

help my touch screen is not working...

normi picture normi

1 vote

even the calibration doesn't work, i cant touch the screen when i used to calibrate my phone,

Mz picture Mz

-3 votes

your phone should be less than a year old and still under warranty, I just returned mine and ordered a new phone!

savannah picture savannah

-2 votes

my touch screen on my impression is all messed up too....i find when i throw it, sometimes it starts to work.

jimjim125 picture jimjim125

0 vote

use a stylest to recalibrate it .sit it on a hard flat surface and use the stylest.

Jim Achmoody picture Jim Achmoody

-2 votes

I'm not sure if mine is working the way it's supposed to so will have to go to a store and have it checked out.

chelsea  picture chelsea

-2 votes

im not sure what to do. i calabarated mine and its working right now. try that...and if that doesnt work...i would call the company.

cheese n' rice picture cheese n' rice

1 vote

the same for me but its stuck to the lock mode

rodney picture rodney

0 vote

MY phone is just few weeks old and every thing is perfect even the touch screen function except , in the middle of my touch screen a little wave..very small like a ripple of some sort is shown when

Crystal picture Crystal

0 vote

My touch screen samsung intercept screen is messed up. Part of my screen isnt working. Does anybody know what to do?

unknown picture unknown

0 vote

even i am facing same problem with my samsung finesse, i tried a lot to fix it out but i think there is no use, go to the store where you got it, ask them to repair it.

nerd picture nerd

2 votes

samsung phones suck

new daddy  picture new daddy

0 vote

if part of your screen dosnt work than just wait a day or two and what ever was on screen should apear .. you screen may appear to be clean but really isnt and will show up later .... just keep cleaning it and it should start working again ... my samsung intercept just started working 30 minutes ago and i was having the same problem .... half of my screen wouldnt work and when i tried to click certain applications it wouldnt go and would click something on the other side of the screen ... so just a word of advice by the way i just got home from the hospital with my first child and my wife .... yay .. im a daddy and she looks so much like me ... sorry for getting of subject im just so excited ... !!

postman0121 picture postman0121

0 vote

congrats new daddy

Help picture Help

0 vote

Is there anymore information on this? This has happened to my samsung intercept (m910) as well. Only certain parts of the screen work.

Aloha  picture Aloha

0 vote

hey guys,
my camera keeps on saying camera arror do u know why???

Ra'Jeen picture Ra'Jeen

0 vote

My samsung phone will let me do everything except let me press certain areas on my phone. And when im on the phone, i can hear the other person, but they cant hear me. For the problem with touching certain areas i tried calibrating it, but thats part of the area it won't let me press.

whoo hoo picture whoo hoo

0 vote

i have a samsung behold and being stupid i left it on concrete for like 30 mins and it messed up my screen and now i cant calibrate it or even look at pics of my lil bro it will only let me do the volume caera and push call end and back what should i do:(

rolan picture rolan

0 vote

samsung phones suck! having the same touch screen problem with my rogue, sometimes it works sometimes doesn't. can't wait till my contract expires so i can throw this piece of garbage away.

kita  picture kita

0 vote

how do you calibrate a samsung acclaim

need help picture need help

0 vote

my cricket samsung touch won't let me touch anything....i have to use the keypad for everything......does anyone know wat to do??

please help mee!!! picture please help mee!!!

0 vote

my samsung galaxy ace doesn't work when i touch it..i touch it repeatly it work but for second..what should i do..please help mee!!!!


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