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Do n97 have a voice controle or voice number dialing?

asked by mike99

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adrian picture adrian

-3 votes

hi i have a problem with my n97 when i try to se he photos it just freeze and i cant see them or even the thumbnails i cant i can only download them.

does anyone knows how to fix this???
thanks my email is

joz picture joz

-3 votes

I had the exact same problem, I found the answer here -

It was nice and simple.

hope it helps :-)

carles picture carles

-4 votes

hi i have nokia n97
nokia n97 is a very bullshit mobile
and i advice you you can f... this phone and sell it

belle88 picture belle88

-1 votes

same as mine! really shit...

anshu21 picture anshu21

-4 votes

why does this phone hang a lot..
its not user friendly- N97

Am worried if i made a best buy?

Pl bring my worries to solace.
Help smooth functioning of my- N97 ...

Austin picture Austin

-2 votes

I am having the same experience with my only one week old N97. It hangs after receiving a call and cant be switched off until it has to be rebooted- by removing and replacing the battery. I had a P1i. Does Nokia have any advice for sorting out this problem?

rahul picture rahul

-5 votes

i m also facing the same problem.
whenever i try to see imades fron image viewer in n97 whic i bought just a month ago'
it just hangs up not even thumbnails are visible.
does any one knows what's wrong'
whiether it's
software defect or hardware'
if someoen can help...
plz i m wating.

James picture James

-4 votes

Just restore to factory settings..

Richard g picture Richard g

-1 votes

I am having problems with my apps i cannot load them onto my home screen i have one left on there but this will not open either!

ellie picture ellie

0 votes

ive had this problem too... have you found a solution?

ataur picture ataur

-3 votes

i have a big problem with my n97 i just bought a week ago. the headset icon stays on all the time even adn the loudspeaker does not work or i cannot talk to anyon on the phone with the headset. if you can help the can u please email me on

troy picture troy

-1 votes

Did you find the way how you gonna clear that headset icon? pls email me at

troy picture troy

-2 votes

my touch screen has stopped wporking what should i do? i havent dropped it or anything. it just happened 1 day

shame on nokia picture shame on nokia

-1 votes

i exchanged my N97 twice now 'coz the first one i bought always hang the 2nd phone has the same problem.this is the biggest mistake i made.i should've just bought samsung omnia than this rubbish gadget made by NOKIA.well,try to impress the consumers?well, you just made us think twice before buying nokia phone again.

Martin Pod picture Martin Pod

-3 votes

N97 is causing me big stress right now.

Trying to load music - succeeded first time when loading <4GB then deleted entire library from phone because i couldnt stop it using 1 particular album cover as a default for all albums with no artwork. My idea was to delete all traces of the 1 particular ubiquitous album cover from my laptop and try reuploading the original files, plus another 4GB of music. So far I havent been able to transfer any files. And it would seem that the more music I add to Nokia Music Player, the more it grinds to a holt. I deleted 2GB bringing back to approx 8GB and it started functioning again, albeit slowly.
Ive gone over my phone and laptop settings many times, trying new settings. Ive transfered the file storage location from My Music on my laptop, to my external hard drive. Ive copied a few files into that HD folder but they wont transfer to the phone either.

When I connect the phone to the usb port it acknowledges it but doesnt transfer any data. Ive tried changing the auto-transfer settings to no avail.

Also the phone wouldnt play (b4 I deleted all music from phone) a 16 bit WMA file I just bought, even though Nokia music player will play it.

Any ideas guys?

My emails

wds picture wds

-2 votes

on vodaphone network, signed up for mobile tv, when i try to connect i get the message "connect to server" when i choose yes it says "connecting" then "unable to connect", any suggestions im in a strong 3g area so i know its not a signal issue, 1st time back to nokia after a 3 yrs, so far not impressed with the N97

wayne picture wayne

-5 votes

hi, i was having the same "connect to server " problems, its your internet settings what need changing, make your wap your no1 priority settings and then go to your real player settings and do the exact same there ( your mobile tv streams through real player ) and this should solve your problems.

yara picture yara

-3 votes

hey there i have a prob. with my N97
i dont know how to download music from my laptop to the phone,it driving me crazy plzz any1 tell me how ??
thanx :)

-3 votes

when new message arrives screen does nogt blink help anyone

Yash picture Yash

-3 votes

Hi there, I just got an n97. Did you figure out how to download music from your laptop to the phone. It has been annoying me so much. Thought it would be relatively simple.
If you have found out how can you please let me know.

N97 Software Failure picture N97 Software Failure

-4 votes

My NOKIA N97 keeps presenting me with a message stating that it has a 'Software Failure' and that the memory is full. When i go into the apps to check how much memory is left it says it has 29GB free. I have deleted all my music, all my pictures and all my messages. Also when i try and text someone the keypad automatically sets itself to type the symbols in blue with the letters and even after pressing the 'Sym' button and the 'Shift' button it STILL types only in symbols.
Fed up and going to exchange it if i cannot fix it.

Can anyone help?

funkanda picture funkanda

-4 votes

Hi I am just having the same problem with memory - saying to shut down applications but there aren't any open. I can't get into my messages or email. did you work out what to do? or should I be returning it?

lillsy picture lillsy

-4 votes

ive experienced the same problems you have had with texting. What i did was hold down the little blue arrow for 2-3 seconds and it fixed it

Nat picture Nat

1 vote

Could you please clarify where that 'blue arrow' is located?

Marvin picture Marvin

-2 votes

i'm having the same problem with my n97...i cant view any of my pictures or even the thumbnails. it just freezes when i try to see. pls does any one have solutions for this problem?

contact me on
i rily need help

Anju Wadhwa picture Anju Wadhwa

-2 votes

I brought it One month back.Even when I am not charging the cell its showing me the yellow light.Also showing the charging bars even when the charger is unplugged! I think I made a big mitsake by spending my money on it!

paulie jord picture paulie jord

-1 votes

to the guy wanting to transfer music from his laptop, you need to connect your phone to the laptop using mass memory mode. open up yourmusic file on the laptop use the send to option and send it to drive f which should be mass storage(or e on the phone). once the file is sent go into my computer and open up drive f ,you should see your file under all the other folder(like videos,music,maps etc) all you need to do now is drag and drop your folder into the music folder. it will now be on the phone.close all the applications and use the safely remove hardware icon on the bottom tool bar.(i asume your using vista).go into your music application on your phone and go into options look for the update library option go into that,once its updated you can ten use your music .enjoy hope this helps.

Talha Basheer picture Talha Basheer

-4 votes

my phone keeps telling me sim card registration sim works on started all of a sudden..please help, i love your replies and posts

allie picture allie

0 vote

hey i olso got a same problem my.if i answer it ijust go off &if im making acall just go off plz reply. Im sick off tissue tinge but ilike it(n97)

flying beagle picture flying beagle

-2 votes

I have a number of problems with this phone, including the following:

a) The CD provided with the phone cannot be installed on my Mac computer (this might just be a problem in Australia though)

b) There seems to be no way, if just using the phone/computer cable, to transfer files onto the phone, presumably without the software from a). Sure, you can click and drag, say, a music file onto the phone, but firstly, there's no folder called 'music' on the phone, and it appears nowhere on the phone's music player, or in any other discernible location. The only way it can be done is through Bluetooth file transferring, which is obviously extremely slow and time-consuming.

c) Consequently, I have transferred only 49 songs onto the phone via blutooth, and now it says that the memory is full. At approximately 3 MB each song, that obviously doesn't equate to the advertised 32GB.

What am I doing wrong here??????

catherine picture catherine

-2 votes

hello i have a serious problem with my nokia n97
i am on telstra prepaid and my phone will not send messages or call people
i can recieve messages and i can receive calls
is anyone having the same problem as me?
and can anyone help me out
this is really pissing me off

anas picture anas

-3 votes

Hi im have more or less the same probleme but I can phone but cant receive calls dont have a answer but working on it.

Chicory picture Chicory

-1 votes

get Telstra to send you the settings in a text msg - it will ask u to save the settings

asala picture asala

0 vote

i have the same problem! The messeging aaplication wont open the phone wont call or recieve any call! What should i do?!

babu picture babu

-2 votes

hi there

i have a problem with my nokia n97. camera lens had some scratch due to slide and because of it, with flash i found some shade on the to remove the scratch?

please help me on this.



-4 votes


Me2 picture Me2

-3 votes

Had the same problem earlier, try deleting some messages from the SIM memory. Cant remember the exact steps but you can go to options from your message application and select display SIM messages. worked for me. Hope it works for u too.


-3 votes

this might be very late,
i have the same phone and i worked out that its your sim messages, when you go into the message part go to options then SIM messages, i had no idea what it ment then i worked it out (:

Kay picture Kay

1 vote

There are msg's on your sim card. If you delete those msg's the flashing envelope will go away :)

Darko picture Darko

-3 votes

The Nokia N97 wont start working. I press the power button to turn on, and the screen stay with NOKIA on it and does not go forward. Just stays with freeze NOKIA sign on it. Does anyone has any idea how to make MASTER RESET or something. I already removed the battery but nothing happened.

bitworm picture bitworm

-5 votes

me too..
it just gets stuck on the nokia screen
it cant be switched off either...
the battery has to be removed
on starting again the same thing happens

baicas picture baicas

-5 votes

if its getting stuck on the nokia screen take the battery out and put it back in, before u turn it on put the charger in and wait for the little black charging symbol to come up.then turn it on and wait. mine did this too and it takes a while at first but then it fixed itself eventually. hope im not too late

supo picture supo

2 votes

make sure the sim card is inside the phone, take out the battery and put the battery back inside the phone, open the keyboard press these keys space, back delete, shift and power switch together and hold these keys for 30sec.give the phone time to reset, this should reset the phone, you will loose all your previous setting though.

umair picture umair

-3 votes

thanx buddy it really works

Yeahhhhhhhhhh picture Yeahhhhhhhhhh

-2 votes

thanks for the help it really work

Ronald picture Ronald

-4 votes

Thanks alot.It worked.
keep it up

volrath picture volrath

-3 votes

thanks bro it works

donel jeffrey picture donel jeffrey

2 votes

You are asome i thought it wouldnt work but it did thanks

Riz picture Riz

-4 votes

I have the similar problem, Can some help me?

bocks picture bocks

-4 votes

good day;;;
i have the same problem right now with my N97... did you solve the problem? what did you do? Pls. e-mail me
thank you!


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