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"no events" screen

Samsung Eternity SGH-A867Samsung Eternity SGH-A867

hey eternity users!!! ive got a quick question... idk how "no events" screen appeared on my display...i was trying to fix it bt unfortunately i didnt figure it out... its kinda annoying me so i would be really grateful if someone can tell me how to get rid of it lol
thx in advance for your help guys :-D

asked by Jackie

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daybi picture daybi

-16 votes "no events"

the no events appears on your widgets because you have no missed calls or new messages... when you have a missed call of new message then you will not see the no events widget... but you cant get rid of it..:(

D picture D

44 votes

Just open your menu on the left side of the screen. then simply drag the (no events box) over to the left side onto the calendar, it will then go off the screen and back into the calendar where it belongs.

SBR picture SBR

4 votes

Thank you so much, I had the same problem.. You were right it worked.

Smitty picture Smitty

0 votes

Thanks1 It worked!!!

kbo picture kbo

0 votes

Thanks a million and Happy New Year! I must have done something to get the No Events msg on my screen but for the life of me I have no idea what. Thanks again :)

sam mcdonald picture sam mcdonald

0 votes

thank fastest fix ever

Celia Jornet picture Celia Jornet

0 votes

Thanks for the info.....I've been trying for over a week to get rid of "no events"!! You're a life saver :-)

Heth picture Heth

0 votes

Thanks Heaps!

Wendy Weinbaum picture Wendy Weinbaum

1 vote

GREAT! Thanks!

Diana picture Diana

1 vote

Thank you so much! That has been driving me nuts!

DOP picture DOP

0 votes

I had the same issue and this worked great.. Thanks!!


1 vote

Thanks D, that worked. I had that darn msg on my screen for the longest and no one knows what it is. Its annoying

ginayy picture ginayy

2 votes

Thanks!! soooo frustrating. I just opened the "wigit" or bottom screen bar and then dragged the "no events" back in


0 votes THANK YOU!!


Roy picture Roy

0 votes Thanks!!!!!

guess i am not the only one to have that problem. thanks again!!!!!!!!!

Nee picture Nee

0 votes no events

that was driving me nutso. thanks so much

shonta picture shonta

0 votes

OMG! I thought it would be so hard to find an answer about that annoying "no event" screen. Thank you internet and thank you for providing the answer!!!!

dawn picture dawn

0 votes

Me too!! thanks a bunch!! couldn't figure it out!! But you helped! it worked!! Its gone!! thanks again!

Kayla picture Kayla

1 vote

OMG Thanks you sooo much for the help that little bubble was making me irritated and it finally got rid of it....THANK YOU SOOO much!!!!

Jessica picture Jessica

0 votes

These instructions worked so well! It was driving me crazy and now it's gone!! Thanks "D"!!

Cheryl C picture Cheryl C

-1 votes

You are a genius!

Peggy S. picture Peggy S.

0 votes

Thank you so much! I couldn't figure it out for the life of me. It was so annoying to see it on the display.

Chuck Farly picture Chuck Farly

-1 votes

ty i was going insane with this after 4 months....

same problem picture same problem

-1 votes

Soo happy that my no events message is gone! Thanks again!

mMm picture mMm

1 vote

Thanks it works. The only think, it did not go inside the calendar, instead sitting on the left side menu bar. Anyway thanks again.

StangKid picture StangKid

0 votes

Thanks so much D your a genius.

yeah picture yeah

0 votes

i just found the answer on the att page. i love how the workers at the store didnt know how to fix it and two hours on phone with tech support didnt know

Sherri picture Sherri

0 votes

Thank you! I adore smart people, especially smart people that share!

sen picture sen

0 votes

thank you. It workd


-1 votes phone was ringing and I tried to answer it, I kept hitting the green answer button but it wouldnt work so I took out the battery and when it came back on that little msg "no events" had popped up...

steph picture steph

1 vote

Thank You!!! this was driving me insane

Cory picture Cory

1 vote

Thank you D. That "No Events" was annoying. You saved my phone from being destroyed. =)

Brandon picture Brandon

-1 votes

thank you so much!

ALM picture ALM

-1 votes

Thanks so much....worked like a charm

Claire picture Claire

0 votes

Thank u so much for the help it worked.. that little screen was drivin me absolutely bonkers

VteX picture VteX

-3 votes

Hello i have a SGH-f480 ande i can't remove the "no event" can you help me please?

E picture E

-2 votes

I can drag "no event" over to the widgets bar but can't make it go back into the calendar (which is also on the widget bar).

Any help?

At least the annoying "no event" isn't on the main part of my screen now, but I want it off the widget bar too! As well as the darn alarm icon I can't get rid of (no option to uncheck 'alarm' in the widget menu). WTF

F picture F

-2 votes

Im with you E i can't get the alarm, events OR the music player off the widget bar ANYONE HEEELLLPPPP!!!

Linzi picture Linzi

-3 votes

It will always stay in the widget as that is what alerts you to a new message or missed call. My no event has disapeared completely so if I have a missed call I do not know until I go to call log, there is no option in the widget menu to put it back on anyone know how to get it back?

j robertson picture j robertson

0 votes

same problem any know answer

Katy M picture Katy M

0 votes

Thanks so much for the quick, clear answer! My phone screen looks 'normal' again!

Doug picture Doug

0 votes

Thank you for the answer! What an annoying widget!

kelo picture kelo

1 vote

i had the same problem. thx it worked and i am now less annoyed :D

W.R. Sims picture W.R. Sims

0 votes

Thanks a lot !!
It was bugging me to death!

TONY-D picture TONY-D

1 vote

Magic! - thanks D

THDog picture THDog

1 vote

OK, it's a widget! Thanks for helping me get rid of it.

Shell picture Shell

2 votes

THANKS SO MUCH! It was driving me banana's. My live is now complete.

ian picture ian

1 vote

thanks , was ready to smash it to pieces . lol

tommo picture tommo

2 votes

worked for me, thanks

Fuzza picture Fuzza

1 vote

Hell yes, thanks a million.


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