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Nokia 5230 NuronNokia 5230 Nuron

hi can anyone tell me my phone has just got nokia on the screen i cant do anything with it. please help

asked by spooky0005

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I have not seen your phone so I can't tell you if Nokia is on the screen or not. Maybe ask someone nearby to confirm this for you.

Is English a second language for you? Perhaps you are trying to ask a different question.

Maybe get yourself the Jitterbug. It is a much simpler phone.

tee picture tee

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i drop alot of calls

keith picture keith

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mine nokia nuron did the same thing so i took it to a t-mobike store and they gave me a new one free of charge but it took about a week but they gave me a loaner phone till the new one came picture

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cannot copy file from pc to my nokia 5230 memory card, it shows a massage incorrect function or something like that. Can any one help me.

Also if i install 3rd party application to my mobile, downloaded from mobile9 website, will it harm my mobile???? picture

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Mine did the same thing. Just take out your battery and your memory card then replace the battery and then restart your phone. It should come back on normally then reinsert the memory card. If this fails restart your phone again by taking out the battery and the memory card but this time start charging it. After no more than 30 seconds it should show the charging sign in the top right corner along with the nokia logo. Then hold the power button to turn on your phone when it comes on then reinsert your memory card. If this does'nt work, email me or text me at 8504853714(U.S).

Jeanne M  picture Jeanne M

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Awesome advice! The TMobile guy couldn't figure it out. THANKS!

NOKIA 5230 picture NOKIA 5230

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Thanks a lot.You saved my mobile.Your advise really worked

ram picture ram

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dear sir ineed nokia hardware solutions.all model ,

d picture d

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it only comes on but then will not go to anything else. sometimes it says not enough memory but nothing else. can't get to anything to delete so can i get some help eith this P.O.S?


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