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I recently purchased the Nokia Nuron 5230 from my local T-mobile. I am loving the phone and have just one problem so far, and hoping the only. I have noticed that, and am getting slightly annoyed by, as I use my phone the vibration or "beep" that I have selected for incoming text messages does not occur. I have looked through everything I can think of to try and find the issue. The only way I have found to make the notifications happen again is to restart the phone which is a hassle. Any solutions or tips?

Thanks in advance

asked by Melaine353

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heck for firmware update 1st guys
then check your profile settings and that its activated
to restore phone to new as in factory state type in *#7780# to soft reset type in *#7370#

security code is 12345 in both cases
its adviseable that you back up data such as images videos apps calender entries and contacts etc in the second case here

I would suggest you go the factory state after checking profile and settings . That fails return it to the seller .
factory settings will be as you bought the phone from CPW


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