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Hello, I am wondering if you had any issues with the Delve cell phone connected to a PC via USB data cable.

I am currently using the latest updated Samsung PC studio 3 and it will not detect my cell phone as being connected to the PC. My computer "sees" the phone and recgonizes it as a modem and a mass storage device, and has no problem finding the drivers for the cell phone.

But whenever I connect the cell phone to the computer and run PC studio 3, the program does not "see" it as being connected. I have tried running the program on two other computers and get the same result.

I am guessing it wont detect the phone because it is a new phone released this month, and the program needs an update to "see" the cell phone.

If that is the case and there is an update to make the program work with the Delve, please send the link to my e-mail address.


asked by ringman69

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Eddie picture Eddie

0 votes samsung delve

I am also having trouble with the pc studio. This is now Febuary I would think they would have the bugs worked out by now

samsung delve  picture samsung delve

0 vote

hay there im also havin the same problem im jus after downloading the latest samsung pc stutio 3, but doesn't reconise my device any1 at all know know 2 upload the softeware + check the internet connection???

0 vote

hi ,this is so easy to connect to!!! first of all you must have your phone on idle mode this is important!!! then go into pc connections and select PC STUDIO, then go to network settings and select connections , select connection 01 , now turn on NPS and the put usb connection into phone and this must work , if not then turn PC off and turn phone off ,and follow my instructions good luck , gleefter.

ronron picture ronron

0 vote

i have the samsung a767 propel and i cant get it to work there either

Inaam. Pakistan picture Inaam. Pakistan

0 vote

Hi all
i had same problem with my s8300 and pc studio.
i just de branded it and next time pc studio automatically detected it with in seconds and thats it. may be this way you can get releif too.

s8300 picture s8300

0 vote

I have the same phone!! how did you fix the problem? because i cant seem too??

Rebecca picture Rebecca

0 vote

Do u have to pay for the program?

samim picture samim

0 vote

no you don't just download it off the samsung website

avi picture avi

1 vote

well go to settings and select phone setting and then connection. select mass storage instead of pc studio. simple.

sibahle matambeka picture sibahle matambeka

-1 votes

im having problems to connect J750 just help me plz.0844494855

geordielass picture geordielass

1 vote recocgnition

Just bought new SGH-J700i The disc with it still wont allow my pc to recocnise my phone Tried samsung website and get the message sorry havent heard of it new pd studio software with it doesnt work

Ernest Hua picture Ernest Hua

1 vote problems with Samsung PC studio 3

I have an "Alias 2" (SGH-U750) and it does not connect with PC Studio 3 either.

Same symptoms: I see the CDMA modem and one other device, but PC Studio has no idea it is there.

There are mentions of "phone USB drivers", but I don't know what they refer to.

Samsung's website does not show any such "USB drivers".

-4 votes

you have to start the program first... then it asks you when you connect the phone what mode you want to connect to... need to make sure you select the right one

at&t authorized retailer rep

CamDarrsh picture CamDarrsh

-1 votes

hey, i cant even get my computer to recognize my delve as being connected to it. its charging and everything so i know its connected but it wont even detect it. and i already installed the latest driver n stuff. plz help me out picture

0 vote modem...

anybody figure out how to download the drivers to use the delve as a modem yet???

delve tech picture delve tech

-2 votes

open pc studio connet phone then check for update download them restart and it should work

e[z] picture e[z]

0 votes I have a "compatible problem"

can i get help as well, when i drag my photos in the phone it tells me it's not compatible, but i did convert those photos to jpg

meganfitz97 picture meganfitz97

0 votes

if u go onto the samsung website u can download the usb driver installer. I hav a samsung j700i and when i try to connect it to pc studio 3 with my usb cable it wont connect. can someone help plz!

adib786 picture adib786

-1 votes

i used 2 have j700i
i got da samsung pc studio disc with it
and it worked straight away
der mus be sumfin rong wiv urs

samsung software problem picture samsung software problem

1 vote

can you upload your software and drivers .... and what is your firmware on your j700i ?

How can I find what is my firmware ?

I download software "new PC studio" & and "PC 3 studio" it recognise but cannot transfer anything.

DwightG picture DwightG

-1 votes


I have the Samsung Gravity T SGH-T669. I couldn't get New PC Studio to run at first on my HP with Windows Vista. But now after some debugging I got it working and was able to sync my calendar and phone book. I am connecting with a universal USB cable from T-moble.

Things to try:

1. I noticed there was a NPS connection manager running under my Admin account in Vista. I turned that off temporarily to experiment.

2. I was getting a missing flash.ocx error when I run NPS under my Admin account. So installed new flash player using Microsoft browser IE. That took care of the flash problem. I was trying to install using firefox and that did not work.

3. With the above changes I was able to get it to run on admin account.

4. Now I wanted to get it to run on regular user account. When running NPS, I get "running module failed". I run NPS as Administrator in Windows Vista and it runs fine.

Ron Newsam picture Ron Newsam

0 vote

Thanks my friend.
Worked perfectly.
Have been having many problems now all corrected.
If you have IE9 Beta though, the 'special' download for that program must be used as the normal download retains the problems.
Good luck.

Vince Radice picture Vince Radice

0 vote

That is the key. The Samsung New PC Studio program must be run as an administrator.

take it up ur ass picture take it up ur ass

0 vote

shove it up ur arse

CamDarrsh picture CamDarrsh

0 vote

I cant even get mine to recongnize the phone. if i go to my device manager it sees it but in "my computer" it doesnt show any kind of storage device. i already downloaded the latest driver software and stuff like it said but it still has the same problem. if you find anything out, let me know. id appreciate it

help  picture help

-1 votes

it wont show my memry card up in my samsung e250 but it would in my samsung tocco anyone know why ??

pihihi picture pihihi

-1 votes

i have the samsung delve the pc studio does not connect to it what me do?

tired of no answers picture tired of no answers

0 votes

I have been looking and looking for answers to problems. It sure seems that there are a LOT of people out there asking questions but (must be) only one or two giving answers. You see TONS of questions and hardly any answers at all and when there is an answer, it is almost always so cryptic the normal person cannot understand what they are talking about. These people who make these things should support them in a way that not only a computer guru can get it.

latisha picture latisha

1 vote

I am having problems with my pc recognizing my device(samsung exclaim). Im trying to doawnload music on my phone. So if someone can help that would be great.

Sallie picture Sallie

0 vote

Download the latest software from samsung and make sure you are on the home screen (no menus) before connecting.

Mark D M picture Mark D M

1 vote

I spent hours today trying to fix this problem. Here's how I finally got it to work.

Find the Samsung directory under the program files directory (on my computer it's actually under the "program files (x86)" directory.

Now open the Samsung PC Studio 3 directory and run (i.e. double-click) on the file ConWiz.exe.

I was amazed that once I did this, PC Studio 3 saw my phone and sync-ed it fine.

aleksandra picture aleksandra

-1 votes

I have a Samsung SGH-F480, and this guide has helped me connect the phone to the laptop. thanks

Brynhildr picture Brynhildr

0 votes

Hey MarkD, thank you!

Finally it works :)

moe picture moe

0 vote

I had the same problem its an easy fix go to settings < phone settings

Jade picture Jade

0 vote

That sorted my problem out, grt thanks

RCP picture RCP

0 vote

Hi... i am having samsung sch-s379 and i cannot get my phone detected by the new pc studio.It keeps telling me that there is no response from the device as it is initializing after booting. the phone is already up and running. any workaround for this? thanks!

loo picture loo

0 vote

i am having exactly the same problem !

samsung picture samsung

0 vote

PC studio is only for gsm phones, so phones that take sim cards not alltel or verizon, or sprint.

Dylan C picture Dylan C

-1 votes

i have the samsung inpression .. when i connect my phone with my computer it says there is drives to be installed but they are never able to .. and when i run the media manger it says devices cant be searched becauses drives have not been installed .. i go to the samsung website and reinstall the drives but it never works

Meng picture Meng

0 vote

Samsung New PC Studio is not detecting my SGH-T749..."Install CDMA Technology Driver" Can't find the driver software online...any help?

Marco Barra picture Marco Barra

1 vote

My Tocco was not being detected when connected to my PC via USB, but after much headscratching I got it to work by doing the following:

1. connected phone via usb
2. enabled bluetooth on my phone
3. disabled bluetooth on my phone
4. disconnected phone from PC
5. reconnected phone via USB

I had seen other posts about some "USB/Bluetooth" conflict which maybe the reason this has worked for me.

Hope this helps you guys too. Good luck.


meee picture meee

-1 votes

no it didnt

gill picture gill

-1 votes

thanks Marco

I deactivated bluetooth & could download the pics on my Tocco lite phone to my pc. As far as I can see, it doesn't tell you ANYWHERE to switch off bluetooth. Thanks for your advice :-)

HaymanDrum picture HaymanDrum

1 vote

After hours of trying, this is the one that worked for me on my Samsun F480. Thanks

Harimohan picture Harimohan

0 vote


This works for me also. I have D900i, have same problem. After doing same it works.

martyn4526 picture martyn4526

1 vote

worked for me, thank you.

alin picture alin

1 vote

hy there i find out what's the i bet u first of all tried to download u changed a vital setting in the java test...:OTA type change it on GPRS back again...connect the ussb and should work ;) picture

-1 votes

how can I change the java settings?

Blsaf picture Blsaf

-1 votes

Hi mine says there is no valid ragestry date what does this mean

Yet picture Yet

0 vote

What PC Connection I should use, USB Mass Connection or USB Modem.


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