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Samsung omnia showing wrong time on Today screen

Samsung Omnia SGH-i900Samsung Omnia SGH-i900

I have a Samsung Omnia I900 and use the "Samsung today 1" item on the today screen to show the clock.
since the begining of March this is showing the time 1 hour ahead of the real time and has a sun Picture next to it. I take it this means that the clock switch to BST mode.
The standard clock on the device is still showing the correct GMT time.
I can't find anywhere that I can change the "Samsung Today 1" settings so that is shows the correct time.

Is this a software bug ?

asked by TPS

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Henken picture Henken

0 votes Solution

I think it's a bug in the software "today".
I had the same problem but solved it by going in to Settings -> today -> object and then unmark all objects and save then mark the one you want and save.. it fixed my problems with diffrent time!

ES Richards picture ES Richards

0 votes Verizon's solution

My Omnia started to do this also. Also the Saga does this according to the Verizon rep I am speaking with. It appears to be a software glitch (that really irks me). The rep says to switch the time zone off of manual. Sounds like a band-aid fix to me. It would be nice if they would just correct the software glitch.

So anyways to change to manual go into the world clock by touching the time display then Menu > Options > Auto system time update (turn off) also uncheck the Auto Time Setting bubble. This worked for me so far...

Also when I reboot by Omnia I have to turn the voice command back on every time. Yet another software glitch that irks me.

EJF picture EJF

-2 votes Samsung Omina I900

I also have this problem, the country I am in does not use daylight savings. Its option is listed at GMT+3, that is list as my home time, GMT is listed at London/Dublin which when I set the home time to be correct, moves it an hour behind. How do I disable the DST function? I am using today setting widget. I have turned the function to manual and the problem persists. I travel quite a bit and use the multiple location options for the time to save problems. Any other solutions besides those that are presented?

Bjorn Toss picture Bjorn Toss

-2 votes Daylight saving

There is a function missing in the program to selecft and deselect if you are in zone with daylight saving or not. However you change thew time manually it comes back to the time zone selected with daylight saving.

khirfan picture khirfan

-2 votes

i have the youse the new model of samsun i900.i have parching of out of cuntry but country coard opning of span but language stile spanich.have the posibel change the language

kkk picture kkk

-2 votes

i hv recently brought a samsung corby sch-f339 .. but its not showing correct time .. ... how to set the time on the mobile?

Junaid picture Junaid

0 vote

My digital clock on samsung omnia i900 shows time in 24 hr, but i want it in 12 hr (a.m or p.m)...
how would i convert it ?


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