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Samsung Omnia SGH-i900Samsung Omnia SGH-i900

Hey, I am really frustrated with the alignment of my hp screen. I had problem with the screen for example, when I want to sms, I took me very long to finish typing what I want to send cause its very hard to get the correct alphabets that I want. But I don't have such problem before till recently only. I tried aligning the screen under setting > screen > align screen. But its useless. So I did a hard reset. And now I am stuck at the alignment page, I have been aligning the screen for hours. But, nothing seems to happen.

Could anyone please help me.

Thanks a million.

asked by shinee

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corefirewire picture corefirewire

-2 votes

going thru same problem...plz some body give any solutions

johnsmith picture johnsmith

-2 votes

while the phone is on,press hard rest button,relase.when screen comes on,press right side sift key 4 or 5 will hear sound,allignment is skipped.if you would like to reach me,

domoniquie picture domoniquie

0 vote

which is the right shift key

-3 votes

Try pressing and holding the +

corefirewire picture corefirewire

-2 votes

ok let me try now!!

corefirewire picture corefirewire

-2 votes

i have tried 5 times but the process flashes again and i have to perform it again and again

-1 votes Try follow this page

Other users were having the same issue. You could view it here:

It seems like pressing and holding + does the trick.

marve picture marve

-3 votes align screen solution

Found at my blog at

Right, I’ve just encounted the align screen problem with the omnia

I googled the problem and hard reset was the solution I found

Did that about twice and didnt work…

I went flashed back 21222 … that still had the same prob.. then flashed my previous firmware before i had winmo 6.5 which was “i900DXHK3″…. that still didnt work..

Some one on an omnia forum recommended i “change the panel”… I’m assuming they meant the screen or something, since that was one of the solutions I found from googling*

Removing the back cover of the omnia, there are 4 screws at each corner.. , lets say starting clockwise and top left, I losened screw1, removed screw2, loosened screw3, and removed screw4…. then tried aligning my screen… It went through at the first try!!

Dont know if this is a solution, but it sure bits buying a new screen! Could be just luck really, who knows :)

if this helps, please let me know.. :)

Matty K picture Matty K

-3 votes Stuck on the screen allignment.....

If you just press the standby button on the top quickly - then hit any key - it'll take you back into the settings screen. I don't think you'd have aligned your screen - but at least you can use your phone

stuck picture stuck

-3 votes

i keep tapping in the middle of the screen but nothing happen.

samlecturer picture samlecturer

-1 votes

place the phone on a flat surface then use ur hand to tap it will go it work 4 me try it

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Hello friends my names are Romanus Bongyu from cameroon. The problem i wish someone here to help me with is that of screen alignment for my samsung omnia i900. i have for some time now been struggling to align my screen following the instructions of holding down on the + icon. it has been moving from point to point and not able to align my screen. Pleassssssssss i need help.thanks in advance.

Hrcosijek picture Hrcosijek

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I have tried hundreds of different calibration values and have never gotten it quite right. What finally fixed this problem for me is to change the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/HARDWARE/DEVICEMAP/TOUCH/MaxCalError key from 7 to 200 and then run the screen alignment again. (Settings->System->Screen) Now everything is perfect and I can actual click directly on things instead of estimating the error. There are topics all over the internet about this problem and no one has suggested this but it is the only thing that worked for me.

china picture china

-1 votes

how do i get to the registry editor to be able to change this value?

-1 votes

you r a legend Hrcosijek
it realy worked for my i900

-1 votes

my friend
it worked for 2 mnts then back to squre one
typing sms leters is ok now, but top r/h corner
ok or x button to close a page is not alligned
any suggestions

Ben J picture Ben J

1 vote

When you are starting the phone for the first time and cannot make the reg edit recommended, then try tapping way of to the right of the last plus sign. Then once you get past that screen make the reg edits and realign the screen. To get out of the screen when you are not programing the phone for the first time simply turn the screen on and off with the power button.

Bella picture Bella

-1 votes

it work for me!
thanks a lot!

Erufu picture Erufu

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I've try hold d + sign bt it is nt movin,i've bin doin dis 4 mnths nw bt it only shws plane white 4 som seconds and it goes bck 2 align screen.pls i need ur help.08060768676.pls if any1 cn cll me.

T. T. picture T. T.

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I have a samsung omnia sgh-i900 but i have a problem too. I can't turn on my phone. I pres the on\off button, then in screen apears "SAMSUNG OMNIA" then nothing. It rests like this. please help me, i really like this phone.


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