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Samsung Omnia SGH-i900Samsung Omnia SGH-i900

My screen don't rotate when I change the direction of the cell phone. It only rotate when I have the charger connected to the phone. What setting should I have the screen rotate from landscape to portrait? Thanks

asked by Dimples

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htdanh picture htdanh

0 votes screen rotation

ok. I played around with the setting. I found out that the backlight have to be on in the Power Menu in order for the rotation to funtion when you are using the battery power.

To go:
System tab
Battery power tab
….then check the box that said (Turn off backlight if device is not used for …XX Seconds)
…..also check the other box if you want to turn on backlight when a button is pressed or the screen is tapped.

Edwin K picture Edwin K

-2 votes

Thanks alot, i have been trying all sorts of settings but finally you sorted me out

asdgghj picture asdgghj

-2 votes

i was having the same problem. thanks it worked

Kyle picture Kyle

0 votes

wow, thanks, I looked everywhere for this

Bob 1942 picture Bob 1942

1 vote

Worked for me,wheres the button that makes the tea?

Zack666 picture Zack666

0 votes

WOW! thank you so much for this! i was looking all over for this..

kneekoh picture kneekoh

-2 votes omg, it works now

thanks, i freaked out at first when it wasnt working

i was about to return it for being deffective

D picture D

-2 votes Zooming & Panning Issues

Hi, I'm having problems with the zooming and panning feature when connected to the internet. The feature works sometimes, but not others & I've yet to figure out how to get it to work all the time. Anyone experiencing the same issue?

-3 votes Rotation problem

I got the same problem. doing as per advise. I ll let you know what happened.

0 votes

Thanks all specially to htdanh. I solved my Problem.

mizzfeisty picture mizzfeisty

-2 votes

thanks it worked

yipeee picture yipeee

-2 votes

thanks a bunch this was driving me mad :)))

kid picture kid

-2 votes

awesome worked amazin,,,,,,,,,u saved a pone

0 votes

how to upgrade my screen rotation of my my omnia

Majid picture Majid

-2 votes

Thank you very much my friend. you are great helper!

ew picture ew

-2 votes

Thanks millions. you save my life. I was trying at motion censor. It was wrong.


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