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shutting off and turning on randomly

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i have had my phone for about a month now and it has just started to turn off randomly. i will be in the middle of a phone call or a text message and it will shut off and when it turns back on i will have like 9 or 10 messages from the same person of the same thing, like its copying the message before it. how do i fix that problem?

asked by Slim16351

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Johnnyyy picture Johnnyyy

0 vote

same problem here

zack.. picture zack..

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yeah i just got this..does it eventually go away or am i stuck with this?

Pamgene picture Pamgene

1 vote

I haven't had a problem with the phone shutting off mid-call, but it does seem to "go to sleep" during long periods of non-use. This is really annoying, because the phone falls asleep at night, then the alarm fails to go off in the morning, which caused me to oversleep on two occasions before I figured out the problem was the phone, not me. Anyone else have this problem or any idea how to fix it? I travel a great deal for work and typically rely on the phone to wake me.

Pamgene picture Pamgene

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I posted earlier about the "sleeping" feature. I contacted LG (Verizon was useless when consulted) and they told me the phone was falling asleep because the software was out-of-date. This is really annoying, because a software update was released before I purchased the phone at the Verizon store and they didn't even bother to update it for me. Anyway, I tried to use the phone feature to update the software; no luck. I tried to use the serial cable to do an on-line update; no luck. So I had to take it back to the store and wait nearly an hour while the service tech updated the software. For about three days, this seemed to resolve the issue. Now the problem is back and I am headed back to the Verizon store to attempt to get a different model of phone. Very frustrating as I had already swapped the first Cosmos for another due to very short battery life. I can't recommend this phone (or Verizon) to anyone at this point.

Pamgene picture Pamgene

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So, my second LG Cosmos also has the problem with shutting itself down. Verizon doesn't want to let me change out the phone without at restocking fee, which is very unreasonable, since they cannot seem to find me a reliable Cosmos. I think I may have to pay the fee and switch to a different phone, likely a Samsung Intensity II. I hope LG can get this bug worked out, as there is clearly a problem with either the hardware or software.

Eileen picture Eileen

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My phone does the exact same thing! I have overslept since I rely on the cell phone alarm to wake me. I went to the Verizon store and they weren't sure how to fix it and said they have had no complaints on this phone. I find that hard to believe after reading the blogs on the internet. So I had them exchange the phone since it's still warranty and this new phone did the exact same thing. It will just fall asleep at random. Sometimes in the middle of me using it too! I don't recommend this phone for anyone since it's not reliable.

kasey picture kasey

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iv had that same problem witht he phone randomly shutting off and getting the txts resent a bunch of times..
but it stopped..

But now i have the issue of the screen not working at all..
it started out with the screen changing to the negative of it... then black & white then it would just go black so i would take the battery out.. and it would be fine. or i would slide open my phone to txt and the image would go all crazy.. and just this morning it stopped working, and nothing has worked in my attempt to fix it :(

i think this phone has badd glitches that need fixed...

Caitlin picture Caitlin

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My phone does the whole shutting itself off and then getting a ton of texts... It's doing it right now... I'm taking it in tomorrow with all of these texts on it and telling them to either fix the phone or they can have my damn phone and to take me off of our family plan... I hate verizon.

Elizabeth picture Elizabeth

1 vote

I'm having the same problem. It used to do this only every once in a while, but now it's happening multiple times a day. Has anyone found any solutions to this, or would everyone recommend I just get a new phone?

Brian H picture Brian H

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I have the same problem with mine. I found that if i power the phone down foer a few minutes every day,like when I'm in the shower it seems to help but doesn't totally solve the problem

Heather picture Heather

1 vote

I have had the same problem for about a year now. My first phone since I upgraded was a Chocolate Touch LG. This phone was turning on and off. I then got a replacement phone which they sent another LG Chocolate that continued to do the same thing. Bad thing is one night my 2 year old fell and busted his head. Well while I was trying to call for help my phone just shut off which was my breaking point. I then called verizon and they gave me a downgrade to the LG Cosmo. Well I have had the phone for 2 months and since the beginning it has been the same issue. I am done with Verizon because they refuse to do anything but send you the same type of phone.

nimnice picture nimnice

0 vote

I have the lg cosmos touch for about 3 months now. awesome little phone. but i donthave the turning off problem as much as i do getting some sort of media message everytime the phone sits on over night.
just a little anoying. over all not bad for a basic phone. wish i went with the samsung reality when it was still available. a little bigger and probably not as buggy as the lg cosmos touch. although you can still find a new samsung reality one-bay for just under $200 bucks with shipping. and you need a data plan of at least $9.99 a month. cant win !

TJNH picture TJNH

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I had the same problem with my Cosmos cycling every time I used voice dial until I updated the phone's software to v4. Now I wish I never had because the battery life decreased by about 80% since I did the update.

Demetria picture Demetria

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i was on my phone last night for about an hour talking an i put it on the charge woke up the next day an it just doing its on thing blinking off and on..........

i hate verizon picture i hate verizon

3 votes

i have the same problem as all you 1,000,000 people out there
im sick of this phone
i am texting a long text 400 characters and it restarts and i lose it all
im ick of it it happens all the time every 30 txts or every 20 min
im sick of LG
life is not good with this phone
they should make it

Kate picture Kate

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I had the same problem with my Cosmos. I loved the phone, but it shut down and restarted itself way too much. It started out as once or twice, but quickly became more. One time I woke up to over fifty new texts from the same person, meaning my phone had shut down this many times as I was sleeping. It happened all the time and I would be unable to use it for the half hour or so that it was shutting down. I took it in and got a new replacement Cosmos as well as a new battery. This didn't help, as the phone still shut down (although not as much). I brought it back in for another replacement. They told me that some Cosmos phones have this problem, others don't. With my third phone and second battery, I still had problems with it shutting down. It would happen multiple times a day. I finally took it back and was told that no one else had had this problem before (contrary to what I was told in the past). It was ridiculous, but finally, I was given an EnV3.

EvilGummyBearRobot picture EvilGummyBearRobot

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Dial ##7764726250 Enter 053435 or 000000 Then Go To Service Prg. And Just Click Ok Go Thru Every Page Until The Phone Reboots (DO NOT EDIT ANY OF THESE CODES IT WILL MESS WITH THE PROVIDER IF YOU DO)

Email Me For Other Hack/Tethering/Etc.


awsomedude picture awsomedude

0 vote

My problem is if i leave it on the message menue its will shut off and same with camera or any setting!! i dont kknow what to do im on my second replacement phone idk what to do!!
thinking of borrowing my aunties Lg env touch till upgrade:/

Britt picture Britt

0 vote

I have a Cosmos Touch and it has been doing random things since May. I got it in December. I have had only 1 water problem and it wasn't really wet. I dropped it in snow, accidentally. My mom's phone has been doing the same thing on occasion, but mine has been doing it more often. Please help because I don't want to waste money on another one if it's just going to do the same thing.

George picture George

1 vote

I also have a cosmos, which just lately started to shut off and turn back on. This happens when I am finished with a text and close the phone, then I lose the text and it does not get sent.

Steven J picture Steven J

1 vote

Advice: this worked for me

If you are using both mobile email and backup assistant, kill one of the 2. They seem to conflict and cause it to shut off and power cycle.

Source: going through 3 phones all doing the EXACT same thing and finally figuring this out

carly heath picture carly heath

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i have the SAME problem! and i get random media mesagees if my phone hasnt been used in a while it's super annoying! i will be reading a text and it will turn off and then i will be in class and i have turned my phone off and it will turn on and it dialed one of my friend's phone and her phone rang lol!

Mojo picture Mojo

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i know theres some number you can call i just dont know wut the number is...like to get the phone "updated" or wutever. does anyone know the number??


NON-texter picture NON-texter

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I have had no issues with my Cosmo, but my neice who is constantly using hers to text and send photo called me today to say hers was shutting off and getting multiple texts from people. I had her power the phone down remove the battery, then press and hold the power button for 5-10 seconds to totally discharge the phone. Then replace the battery and turn it back on. so far she hasn't said it is acting up yet, might be worth a try.

TheGMan picture TheGMan

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Hey all, was having this problem as well, it was constant, I wasn't properly receiving texts and the ones I was getting were duplicates. Read the message about mobile email and backup assistant. I don't have mobile email and I had given up and was about to take the phone to the verizon store when I decided to delete backup assistant for the hell of it. Now it works! Hope this helps someone!

Hela picture Hela

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In between times when it turns on and off go through and delete some pictures or messages. Seems to work for me when it happens


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