How to Convert YouTube to Sony Ericsson S312

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Sony Ericsson S312
  • 1Start YouTube to Sony Ericsson S312 Converter > press YouTube button to open the box > input the URL of YouTube videos as many as you want > press OK when finishes.
  • 2 (Note: If you only want to download YouTube videos to your hard disc, please follow all 4 steps. If you mean to convert YouTube to Sony Ericsson S312, then you can just ignore Step 2, direct jump to Step 3.)
    Choose all and right click on the selected > select the option Download All Online FLV Files > the downloading should begin.
  • 3 Choose one output video profile for converting YouTube to Sony Ericsson S312.
  • 4 Press Output Folder button in the left corner of the YouTube to Sony Ericsson S312 Converter, then you get all the converted files. Transfer the converted YouTube to Sony Ericsson S312 for watching it on the go.

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