How To Hard Reset Acer beTouch E130

Please be aware that you will lose all the data in your phone, backup all relevant information is recommended.

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Acer beTouch E130
  • 1Note: Before performing a reset, ensure that your smartphone is not locked. Press any key or tap the screen to see if the phone responds.
  • 2 If your phone is responding to screen input:
  • 3 Open Settings from the Applications tab
  • 4 Touch Privacy > Factory data reset
  • 5 Press Reset phone > Erase everything to format your phone.
  • 6 If your phone is not responding to screen input
    Turn off your phone > press and hold the Power until you feel your smartphone vibrate and/or you see the Acer logo screen.
  • 7 Press and hold the Volume up and Volume down buttons.
  • 8 Use the Volume up button to select Clean boot:YES.
  • 9 Press the camera button to confirm.


ruth picture ruth

-2 votes

this phone sucks even the hard reset doesnt work!!!

4 votes

If you want to reset your ACER beTouch E130 you need:
1.Switch off your phone
2.hold on 3 buttons-''volume up''+power+button"answering a call"
3. You will see a menu where select "data reset" or something like that(by the way,you can control a menu by a trackball)
4.Most likely, your phone should reboot itself, if not, pull out the battery

PS If after hard reset,your phone displays black screen with some information about battery and smth else,try a next combination of buttons:turn off your phone >Press and hold the Volume up and Volume down buttons.>press and hold the Power until you feel your smartphone vibrate and/or you see the Acer logo screen.
In that order

leng78 picture leng78

0 vote

i tried both both still my phone shows black screen with a note of no service..what to do now?

Tomster picture Tomster

0 vote

ty man, my phone is back now :D

anti picture anti

0 vote

very very thankssss

hossein picture hossein

0 vote

i try the both ways but it dosent work HELP

paella picture paella

0 vote

is there a way to compile from source, i have a rooted e130.
i need o.a. rsync, iptables and aptitude.

0 vote

Not sure about that, if you can find a way to do that, let me know

LittleDG picture LittleDG

0 vote

Ok wtf i rooted my betouch e130, i changed lcd density my screen got screwed, resolution was too high... now i try to reset but NOTHING works... volume up+power+answer
volumes up+down + power
NOTHING works it doesnt work...
plz email me at


hanz  picture hanz

0 vote

my acer E130 doesnt work i forgot my pass how to solve this problem?

babzyq picture babzyq

0 vote

i tried to reset my betouch130 but it won't work at all...display shows no service then suddenly screen turns black...please help..i don't know what to do now...

ronoh picture ronoh

0 vote

the hand reset really worked for me

puran picture puran

0 vote

is sucks even the battry is not working properly


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