How to Hard Reset on Asus Nuvifone M10

Backup all data is recommended. Following these instructions is at your own risk.

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Asus Nuvifone M10
  • 1Turn OFF Nuviphone M10
  • 2 Hold VOLUME DOWN > press POWER ON KEY on the top of Garmin ASUS M10.
  • 3 Wait for a few seconds.
  • 4 Release both buttons
  • 5 You will se a warning message for only 7 secs.
  • 6 To reset nuviphone M10 press SEND key within 7 secs!

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Nowar picture Nowar

0 vote

The SEND key not functioning. Any other alternative ?

luckyasif picture luckyasif

0 vote

hey dude the send key here meant the call key.

eureka picture eureka

0 vote

Accidentally pushed volume-up and got SD/USB Download options. I think that deletes everything then Send key will not reset.

manoj sharma picture manoj sharma

0 vote

how we start internet in nuvifone m10 ,pls help me

datta picture datta

0 vote

hi this is datta,

accidently i have deleted suporting files from my m10 so mobile is handg on well come screen & also use Hard reset but not work..................please help...

solution sms send on 9975575101

Plz plz plz

grandaz picture grandaz

0 vote

try use change u memory card to TRANSCEND or KINGSTONE memory card name and put inside turn on u phone normally and wait 1 minute......if not

open then put back you bettery , turn on u phone again like a reset power button + down volume button together.and before 7 second press call key its restart again then when on ready wait 2 minute the window u wel see and phone aotomatic restarting again and phone ready to use..normally..ok good luck..

kyu picture kyu

0 vote

how can i reset garmin asus a10 to factory settings?


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