How to Hard Reset or Soft Reset on Nokia 2220 Slide

All data backup data is recommended. Following these instructions might be risky.

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Nokia 2220 Slide
  • 1To perform Hard Reset:
    Click *#7370# > click Dial
  • 2 Enter security code 12345
  • 3 To perform Soft Reset:
    Click *#7780# > click Dial
  • 4 Enter security code 12345
  • 5 Your cell phone sets to factory default setting, will not delete your personal data.

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Enter security code picture Enter security code

0 votes

Enter security code 12345 not responde healp me

ric2rs picture ric2rs

0 vote

hard reset, *#7370# click dial

jamila Santos picture jamila Santos

0 vote

o meu celular não ta prestando , ta falando que e pra iniciar o cartão , o que que eu faço?

ric2rs picture ric2rs

0 vote

reset m lng.....kng gusto hard reset,*#7370# click dial

Joseph Dominic picture Joseph Dominic

0 vote

When i try to enter *#7780# it accept but when im trying to enter security code 12345 the phone rejects:code error.

lucas picture lucas

0 vote

you have probably put a different code on the phone a friend

wener picture wener

0 vote

o hard reset nao da certo

jhenina picture jhenina

0 vote

how to remove error code in 2220s

action picture action

0 vote

code batar

elias picture elias

0 vote

how do dial * n # ?

Aquim picture Aquim

0 vote

What im gona if my nokia 2220s is me guys.thank you

wasim picture wasim

0 vote

12345 its not work


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